Back in the days when Shavu'ot holiday was a pilgrimage festival, the Jewish People used to bring the first fruits of their field (Bikkurim) to the Temple in Jerusalem. Which are the first fruits in the field of the restaurants in Israel?

Yavne Montefiore – Corner Bistro

Chef Yonatan Roshfeld has already made his premiere in a self-titled restaurant a few years back. His more recently opened restaurants are Tapas Ahad Ha'am and Herbert Samuel (both in Tel Aviv), but his newest is Yavne Montefiore, which is located in Yavne and Montefiore streets in Tel Aviv.

The corner bistro offers a French-American menu, but Italian and Asian dishes find representation here as well. Since it's customary to eat dairy in Shavu'ot, here is one dish you might like to try in Roshfeld's bistro: home made gnocchi with chestnuts, Parmigiano-Reggiano and peas.

Italkia Ba'Tachana (Italian restaurant in a train station)

Not too long ago, the old train station in Tel Aviv was still deserted. About a year ago it was renovated and today it is quite a picturesque attraction with stores and restaurants; occasional exhibitions are being held here too.

Italkia Ba'Tachana offers its diners a journey throughout Italy's areas with dishes from Napoli, Sardinia, Sicily and others. Here is a dish from the restaurant menu that captures the spirit of Shavu'ot: Fettuccine Alfredo di Lelio – with Portobello and Champignon mushrooms, white truffles and Parmigiano.

Kimmel BaGilboa

Chef Shaul Ben Aderet has recently opened Kimmel BaGilboa, his first born this year. After 18 years of success with older sister Kimmel in Tel Aviv's Neve Tzedek, young sister seems to be standing in its own right. Next to a ski resort (artificial but as good as it gets in Israel), the restaurant serves dishes made of local produce, quality meats, fresh fish and unique spices grown in the restaurant's own spice garden. Of course, fine wines are served here too.

You can enjoy Kimmel BaGilboa's special breakfasts that include quality cheese and, again, in the spirit of the holiday, you should try the goat's cheese ravioli topped with tiny sweet potato cubes.

Tapaya – Vinos e Tapas

A newborn restaurant in Rishon Le'zion is the Spanish tapas bar Tapaya. It offers unique, creative dishes that include fine meat portions, fish dishes, fresh vegetables, special dips and cheese. The dishes in the menu, composed by Chef Einav Zaguri, are made of fresh, quality materials.

Tapaya's menu include vegetarian, fish and meat tapas, so that you can enjoy Gouda cheese, onion jam, basil and creme fraiche Quesadia all year long.