NG - Meat Paradise

NG is a a classy, yet funky, restaurant tucked into a beautiful corner in the Neve Tzedek area. Specializing in preparing meat and pairing it deliciously with just the right wine and salad, Lindsay Citerman tells of a spectacular visit!

NG is situated in the picturesque area of Neve Tsedek tucked in at the top of Shabazi Street, just off the main drag nestled among the trees. Walking up the steps to the restaurant, one is struck by the French feel of the area and the beautiful spells of spring in Tel Aviv. The atmosphere inside is just as pleasant, with a funky by slightly regal feel to it. The restaurant is centered on a horseshoe bar made of thick, rich wood; although we sat at a table near a window, the bar was quite inviting as well. I loved that the soundtrack started with Aerosmith as we sat down and we both enjoyed the continuation through some of the better American classics. Our waitress could not have been any nicer and she certainly understands NG’s specialties: meat and wine.

NG invites patrons to happy hour between 6-8p.m., so the restaurant quickly filled up while we sat. They are proud to be the only importers of KOBE beef in Israel; a cut of meat from a cow that enjoys classical music and Swedish massage throughout its short life, creating a perfectly delicious and very, very juicy and tender meat. They feature other cuts as well, such as the Porterhouse and Entrecote, each prepared exactly as you like, though they are likely to recommend a different cut suited to your tastes if you desire the “wrong” preparation.

We began our meal with a lovely bottle of red wine, recommended by our knowledgeable waitress, and a couple of the cold appetizers form the menu. The eggplant arrived in long seared slices presented with three lines of accents on top: goat cheese, cilantro-pesto and tomato salsa. The combination is well thought out, as these four flavors and textures are certainly complimentary. We also ordered the NG salad, a gigantic bowl of fresh lettuce with sweet potato crunchies on top. The salad was dressed in a light version of a Caesar dressing. Both of our appetizers wetted our palates for the deliciousness to come…

We enjoyed the rock music and ate slowly, chatting about the clearly well planned décor of the restaurant and, of course, our personal lives. At one point, my favorite Fleetwood Mac song came on the radio and, as if the moment was not perfect enough, our steaks arrived. Each cut proudly displays a tiny flag telling you whether you ordered medium-rare or medium and the steaks are sprinkled with coarse salt and black pepper and served with greens on the side. I ordered the KOBE and Shosh had the NG Entrecote. My first thought about my steak was that it was tender “like butter” and done almost rare, the way I like it. Shosh said that hers was also tasty and prepared exactly to medium as she requested. We had to be a bit silent while devouring our steaks, though at one point it was remarked: “this place is straightforward with a bit of class and a whimsical touch.” Well put I think.

Although it is hard to imagine, after such a long meal and so much enjoyment, we were still happy to taste NG’s tiramisu. It arrived in a whiskey class, the right presentation for an appropriately sized dessert: just a bit of sweet after a fantastic steak! All in all, NG was a fantastic meat and wine experience in a lovely atmosphere to boot. I will certainly be bringing friends and family visiting from out of the country here for a visit, if not just for the KOBE and NG steaks also for the smell of honeysuckle pervading the restaurant in the most pleasant manner.