Human Landscape Group Exhibition

For the first time, the Tel Aviv Artists' House will display a comprehensive exhibition in all of its extensive exhibition spaces. Irit Mor tells some of the highlights of this special April display of top Israeli photographers.

Zaritsky Artists House
April 2-30, 2011

Thirty five artists were invited to exhibit the human landscape and human environment in an exhibition seeking to display the importance of photography in the local artistic landscape, through new works, most of which have not yet been shown in Israel. The works touch on issues such as society, culture, history, criticism and location, and serve as a mirror reflecting the society and cultural backdrop in which they were created.

Photography, a central contemporary medium, is capable of documenting specific points of time and place, as well as creating and directing new reality. The artists participating in the exhibition express, through their works, their observation skills, their skill at deciphering reality, and their ability to create works that provoke thought, discussion and criticism. Their personal environment is a central topic of the exhibition's creations: earth, nature, location, and humans move the world's wheels, for better or for worse – building and taking apart, preserving and destroying, fighting for the environment or spoiling it.

Each artist participating in the exhibition is an autonomous unit representing him/herself only, yet gathering them together shifts the viewer's gaze from the individual and unique to the group. Together, the photographs consolidate to create a rich mosaic of personal, social, environmental, historical and political photographs that are designed by the artists that breathe life into them.

Curator: Daniela Talmor

Artists: Gilad Ophir, Jay L.,Tal Eshed, Sheffy Bleier, Deganit Berest, David Gary, Dor Guez, Pesi Girsch, Tarin Gartner, Uri Gershuni, Pave Wolberg, Boaz Ta, Yael Yuhas, Rona Yafman, Carien Yatsiv, Amon Yariv, Ora lev, Naomi Leshem, Ohad Matalon, Adi nes Avivit Segal, Hagai Frid, Orli Perel Nir, Tamir Zadok, Micha Kirshner, Livi Kessel, Elinor Carucci, Shai Kremer, Miki Kratsman, Galit Rauchwerger, Noga Shtainer, Micha Simhon, Simcha Shirman, Alma Shneor, Angelika Sher.

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