Passover Seder at a Restaurant...

If your parents decided this year to travel abroad instead of going to the traditional seder at your aunt and uncle's house, you decided to save on the home renovations before the holiday or this year you just prefer to sit comfortably while someone else serves you your holiday meal, we have found you some restaurants this year that you can enjoy on seder evening.

Angelica, Jerusalem

Jerusalemite restaurant, Angelica, of chef-duo Margy and Gershkovitz, offers you a gourmet experience from their seasonally changing kitchen, comfortable leather chairs, tables with starched clothes or a lighter experience sitting at the bar.

Coming up to the seder, Angelica Restaurant decided to open their gates for a holiday meal filled with tastings. Here is the menu:

Sea fish with roasted tomatoes and pickled lemons
(Vegetarian option: stuffed zucchini)

Selection of Salads:
Baby greens salad with honey vinaigrette
Beet salad with cilantro and pomegranate concentrate
Fresh carrot salad with North African spices and Zeresh
Swiss chard with garlic confit and arisa
Potato salad with garden peas and garlic cloves

Middle Portion:
Broth soup with shitake mushrooms and lemongrass
(Vegetarian option: vegetable soup)

Selection of Entrées:
Lamb stew with green almonds and celery
Slow-roasted entrecote with garlic confit and rosemary
Stuffed spring chicken with a mix of mushrooms and red wine
(Vegetarian option: eggplant terrine)

Selection of Sides:
Roasted root vegetables
Sweet potatoes au gratin
Potato confit

Selection of Desserts

Bottomless soft drinks and Yogev/Binyamina wines throughout the meal

Price per person: 480NIS (includes VAT and service)
Order vegetarian options in advance please

Indira, Tel Aviv

As they do every year, the Indira Indian Restaurant will offer a fine meal for the evening of the seder. The meal begins with a traditional menu but also takes off into other culinary directions full of holiday color and celebration.

On the evening's menu:

For every table, there will be a traditional seder plate (shank bone, boiled egg, bitter herbs, haroset, and matzo)

Choice of soup: lentil, corn, tomato

Appetizer: chopped liver and a selection of salads of your choice

Middle Portion: gefilte fish and spicy chraimey (Moroccan fish in tomato sauce)

Entrées: Mixed platter of Indian meats; Five types of meat with three Indian-style side dishes

Dessert: ice cream parfait from our selection of homemade flavors

Each patron can enjoy our house wine, soft drinks and Tirosh wine without limit.

Price per person: 195 NIS; children under 5 for half price. Reservation ONLY.

Baba Yaga, Tel Aviv

This European restaurant is named after the mythical witch and located on HaYarkon Street in Tel Aviv. This year they are offering an aesthetic culinary experience with a rich and various European menu.

On seder evening, the meal will be served with the greatest flair, including appetizers, soup, a selection of entrées, all the desserts on our menu and bottomless holiday wine. Uncle David will read the Hagaddah as well.

Appetizers (served in the center of the table):
* Stuffed fish (gefilte fish) served with hard-boiled egg and colorful horseradish
* Cabbage salad with seeds, soy and cold lemon sauce
* Roasted eggplant with red onions, balsamic vinegar reduction and garlic
* Salmon gravlox served with potato hearts
* Lettuce salad with pears and honey dressing
* Roastbeef marinated in Dijon mustard and house spices
* Turkey rolls with smoked meat served with horseradish and mustard
* Farshmak: matias (salted fish) with sunflower oil, onions and vinegar
* Duck liver pate served with plum jam and pistachios
* Matza with olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Middle Portions:
* King's soup - chicken broth served with cooked chicken to open your palate
* Quiche (made from matzoh) on a bed of ground lamb and beef in spicy tomato sauce
* Sautéed sea fish with horseradish sauce and fresh herbs served with croutons

Choice of Entrées:
* Baked sea bream filet marinated in salt and rosemary served with summer wine sauce and root vegetables
* Bass in brick - bass fish baked on a brick with pomodoro sauce and ratatouille vegetables
* Baked spring chicken papiyat with soy sauce and tomatoes served with classic red mashed potatoes
* Meat cube served with classic red mashed potatoes, sweet and sour according to the ancient European recipe
* Lamb ribs, fire roasted, served with potatoes and spicy sauce

Desserts (served to the center of the table):
* House jams served on fried matzoh with brown sugar
* Paradise cake from matzoh flour
* Four types of seasonal fruits
* Bitter chocolate ice cream with walnuts

To Drink:
* Hot drinks - coffee/tea
* Soft drinks - orange juice, tomato juice, mango juice and apple juice

Four type of boutique Israeli wines with no limit - from Marom Galil and Tavor - Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay and Sparkling Wine

Price per person: 280NIS (price includes service)

Achuzat Shlomit, Rosh Pina

For those traveling in the north or those who live in the area, Achuzat Shlomit Restaurant sits on the edge of a mountain in the heart of the moshava in Rosh Pina. They are opening their gates for a fine holiday meal.

Appetizers (served in the center of the table):
Rich chicken soup with knadelach
Vegetable salad - 3 types of lettuce, baby greens and citrus vinaigrette
Young chicken liver with mushrooms, onions and wine
Grape leaves stuffed with ground lamb, rice, pine nuts and raisins
Smoked eggs pate

Scoop of sorbet to cleanse your palate

Entrées, choose between:
Lamb ribs, smoked, in honey soy sauce
Lamb ribs, grilled, on a bed of parmesan mashed potatoes
Sirloin steak served with mustard sauce and fresh herbs
Smoked goose breast with horseradish sauce
Sea bream filet in provencal sauce
Smoked salmon filet

Soft drinks - Carafe of orange juice or lemonade
Hot drinks - tea, espresso, cappuccino
Bottle of white or red wine for each table

Desserts, choose between:
Warm chocolate cake, tart tatin, creme brulée and drunken plums with vanilla ice cream

Price per meal: 270NIS for adults; 220NIS for children (each table will receive a basket of matzohs)

Have a happy holiday and a wonderful seder for Passover!!