2011 Tel Aviv Gillette Marathon

Hosted by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality on April 4, this marathon includes a variety of distances to run as well as a party like only this Israeli metropolis can provide. Irit Mor describes some of the festivities.

The Tel Aviv Marathon is a major event for the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, produced by the sporting department of the Municipality and by the "Kapaim" marketing group.

This year, 15,000 people will participate in the Tel Aviv Marathon events, the largest international sporting event in Israel, to be held on Friday, April 4, 2011. The marathon is one of the core international events taking place. It offers seven different running trails to allow thousands of runners of all ages to run the varying distances.

Ron Huldai, the mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo, will start the race off at 6:20am in the Charles Clore Garden on Koifman St. It will then proceed down spectacular running paths along Rothschild Avenue, the Tel Aviv port and beaches, the Yarkon Park, old Jaffa and the Yafo port.

The marathon courses include:
• Full Marathon (42.195Km)
• Half Marathon (21Km)
• Urban Run (10Km)
• 10% Race (4.2Km)
• Hand Cycle Race
• Children's Race (420M)
• Rollerblades Half-Marathon

Along the course tracks there will be fifteen water stations, musical groups playing and areas designated for supporters. Some food and drink, as well as professional masseurs, will also await the marathon runners.

The Tel Aviv Marathon events will end with a large festival at the Charles Clore Garden, which will entail street parties and life performances by leading DJs, boulevards of coffee shops, a fashion complex, sports gear, sales and more.

"Active Tel Aviv:" alongside the Tel Aviv Marathon Events, Israel's health and fitness festival "Active Tel Aviv" will take place at Rabin Square, from March 31st- April 6th. The festival consists of seven days full of sporting events and various supporting experiences.