Azteca Chocolate Bar

"I recommend to any chocolate lover to venture into the heart of Jaffa for a one of a kind evening..." Ellen Hockley explores the fantastic chocolate, and savory, options at the Azteca Chocolate Bar!

Who does not love chocolate? As a woman, I have no problem admitting that chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses, coupled with good company and a soothing environment. Azteca fits the bill exactly. Situated on a quite little street in Jaffa, next to an antique shop, you will find this tasteful, yet unassuming, chocolate bar.

With chocolate as the foundation of the café, one might wonder what else this glorious little place has to offer. Starting with the House Bruschetta and the Niro Salad, we eased our way into dinner. The salad had a unique and tasty twist, adding roasted sweet potatoes and shredded feta to the top. We tried the Mozzarella, Tomato and Pesto Bruschetta, as well as the Goat Cheese and Roasted Pepper; each offering a different thrill for the taste buds. I preferred the first as I am partial to Mozzarella, but both were equally tasty.

After the starters, we moved on to the Macaroni and Cheese, which was epic, arriving in a shareable casserole dish that we could not wait to dive into. As my dining companion this evening was also American originally, we were excited about the prospect of Macaroni and Cheese. I will admit, it is not the same as what you probably grew up on in the states, but that does not make it any less wonderful. A white cheese sauce was used to coat the pasta and then a layer of Mozzarella was baked on top. The flavor was incredible and we could hardly stop eating. Yet we knew, seeing as the draw is the chocolate, the best was yet to come.

Of course before I move on, I must not forget an essential part of our meal, the drinks. Upon being seated we were presented with chaser size glasses of house Shoko or hot chocolate. It was incredible: smooth and warm with the perfect chocolate to milk ratio. This, of course, was just a teaser; our first drink of the evening was a Chocolate Orange cocktail with Rum, a light and scrumptious mixture. Our second drink of the evening, which accompanied our Macaroni and Cheese, is known as a Brown Mexican (the opposite of a White Russian), made with Tequila, Carmel Liquor and Cream. I have weakness for both Carmel and Tequila making this one of my favorites of the evening; however, as it is made with cream, it can be a little heavy in one’s stomach.

Our third drink was a Shanana (made with Chocolate milk, Banana Liquor, and Rum Carmel Liquor, this was the favorite of the evening) accompanied our final course, dessert: a dark chocolate Fondue. It was delectable. Presented with fruit, marshmallows, and a number of tasty goodies, we could not tear ourselves away from it. At one point my dining companion looked at me and smiled with a happy grin and announced to me, “I’m stuffed!” I have to say at that point I could wholeheartedly agree with this declaration.

It was wonderful dining experience. I recommend to any chocolate lover to venture into the heart of Jaffa for a one of a kind evening. As we approach the summer, the café will also be joining forces with local community theaters to bring theater to the masses, engaging the community to participate in making theater more accessible.