Solo Exhibition by Jacob Mishori

The Braverman Galleropened a solo retrospective by Jacob Mishori on January 6th, 2011. Continuing through February 18th, the exhibit ranges from sensual and personal to perceived and expressive according to Irit Mor.

This exhibition will present a collection of works by the artist Jacob Mishori, most of which are on display for the first time ever. The works represent a range of styles and techniques, from blunt expressiveness to refined geometry.

The chronological range of works spreads over 35 years. There are sketches, aquarelles, oil works, acrylics, photographs and even a custom-made textile wall installation.

Mishori’s early works deal with sexual identity, mostly through the artist’s self-portrait, and are closely linked to the artifice of pop culture, Rock & Roll and glossy magazines. In the past 20 years or so, the artist’s activity has evolved beyond self-portraits. The works range from sensual, warm and personal, which may be perceived as expressive, to the geometrical, which may be perceived as decorative or estranged. Two traditional approaches which the artist disputes and renders untraditional.

Mishori used painting materials that were perceived as anachronistic for the time, including chalks, oil pastels and aquarelles. The aquarelles were an automatic reference to the Israeli tradition of “Ofakin Hadashim” (new horizons). Mishori made an aquarelle that is anti-aquarelle – not a “beauty stain” created with a soft application, but rather a tightly controlled gesture of his method. In doing so, Mishori is able to manipulate traditional methodology that goes against the medium by enabling a different form of expression, pushing the limits of the very essence of an aquarelle. Contributing to this juxtaposition are the mechanical themes and clichés that were picked from modern art and became over time symbols deprived of content. Not the lyrical color scheme of “Ofakim Hadashim” but a radiant phosphorous and glossy color.

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