Molly Blooms

With a fantastic choice of whiskeys and a set of cute bar-tenders, Molly Blooms is a delightful place for two girls to spend an evening. Ellen Hockley tells of her visit...

Already by 8:30 on a Tuesday night, Molly Bloom’s was pleasantly full with an eclectic mix of Israelis, English speakers from all around the world and the occasional extra. My bar hopping companion and I were lucky enough to snag seats right at the bar, giving us a wonderful view of not only the cute bartenders but the exceptional selection of Irish Whiskeys behind them. With everything from traditional Bushmills to many I have never even heard of, I knew that if whiskey was my pleasure I was in good hands. Of course what made me the happiest was the Magner’s Cider, which for those of you unfamiliar with it, I highly recommend; that is if you are not sold on beer and fancy something similar. It has a light sweet taste, just like apple cider, but with enough alcohol in it to make anyone happy.

The bartenders were not only cute, but also knowledgeable, suggesting a great selection of drinks all evening. My favorite being the Guinness with a clover drawn into the foam on top: who knew that such decoration could make this rich dark beer taste even better. The general feeling of the evening was relaxed and fun, Molly Blooms is a great local pub, just like the one down the block from nearly any flat in Dublin. The moment I walked in I felt at home, with friendly staff and engaging patrons. I could easily make this a pub I frequent.

We spent the first part of our evening lusting over our neighbors’ food. With the most incredible smells wafting around us we were highly distracted. As it turns out, the owner, an Irishman, approves all food before it is allowed out of the kitchen. He must have great taste because it all looked amazing. Being that we had come by for a drink after eating, we stuck to dessert. After some deliberation, we went with the mini chocolate soufflés made with whiskey and served with a Bailey’s Irish Cream sauce. Not a bad way to enjoy chocolate!

I was disappointed to learn that we had missed the live music performance. As it turns out, on both Monday and Wednesday evenings at 9:30pm there is live Irish music and we unknowingly missed it by one day. I guess I will just have to go back and check it out. Speaking to the manager, we learned that, “After two and a half years, the Irish music on Wednesday nights is still my favorite.” With a recommendation like that I think another visit is an absolute necessity.

If you are looking for a fun and relaxing place to spend an evening, I can without a doubt recommend Molly Blooms. I cannot wait for my next excuse to hop across town and pay her a little visit.