Kadosh... Since 1967

Kadosh is a classic Jerusalem cafe, bakery and coffee shop with enough regulars to have dishes in their names. Yonatan Sternberg heads over to check out some of the savory and some of the sweet!

Situated on Shlomtzion Hamalka Street, Kadosh was established in 1967 and since then has built a reputation for itself as one of the leading cafes in down town Jerusalem. Kadosh is known for serving excellent fresh food, tasty coffee and as a home away from home for many Jerusalemites. Some of Kadosh's regulars even have dishes or sandwiches named in their honor.

Today Kadosh is still a family business, managed by Itzik, the son of founder Meir Kadosh and his wife Keren. After taking a few courses with leading pastry chefs, Itzik and Keren renovated the place and added several new dishes to the menu. At Kadosh it seems that nothing is left to chance. From the restaurant's indulgent breakfast offerings, quiches, salads, fresh pasta, impressive assortment of homemade deserts, through the décor and overall ambience, old fashioned and European style, Kadosh is definitely a one of its kind in Jerusalem.

I almost ordered the Mali sandwich, comprised of smoked tuna fish, grilled peppers, green tehini and pickled lemon but after taking a second look at the menu decided to go for the Croque Madame and the beet patties, both served with a generous side salad. Kadosh's version of a Croque Madame is made up of two slices of brioche, one filled with emmental cheese and the other with Saint Mor cheese. The brioche is first dipped in egg and then fried, turning it into an upgraded version of French toast. The beet patties or, as they are called on the menu, the beet pancakes, were very tasty as well. The patties were nice and crispy on the outside while remaining moist and tender within. Seasoned with Roquefort cheese and topped with fresh tangy yogurt, the combination of flavors was delicious.

Next to arrive at our table was the ricotta-spinach and pistachio tortellini. Uniform round dumplings of fresh home made pasta dough with a rich flavorful filling. The pasta was cooked to perfection and offered a bit of resistance before we could bite into the tortellini and reach the filling. Personally, I also liked the fact the chef chose to prepare a sauce for the pasta that was rather light, consisting of olive oil, garlic, sun dried tomatoes and sautéed spinach.

At Kadosh, it is a sin not to leave room for dessert. Everyday pastry chef, Keren, prepares an impressive array of cakes, cookies, custards, croissants, burekas and other baked goods that are truly a treat. After making our way to the display counter, we opted for the classic baked cheese cake and an apple cake that both looked and smelled delicious. I also recommend Kadosh's napoleon and sweet brioche filled with ricotta cheese and dried figs. If you are more of a chocolate fan, go for the "porcupine" which essentially is a decadent chocolate ball made up of various types and layers of chocolate.

If you are looking for a bite to eat, a good cup of coffee, or for excellent baked goods, check out Kadosh restaurant and cafe, you will not be disappointed.