To find delicious seafood with a view over the Mediterranean, try venturing to Karas, located on the renovated Bat Yam boardwalk.

Karas is located next to the sea with an incredible view and an intimate atmosphere on the renovated boardwalk in Bat Yam. On the menu, you will find high quality special dishes from the Italian and Japanese kitchens, indulgent breakfasts and great business lunch deals.

Just across from an incredible sea view in a pleasant and intimate atmosphere on the renovated Bat Yam boardwalk you will find Karas, offering high quality dishes from the Italian and Japanese kitchens. Our indulgent breakfast includes a variety of high quality cheeses and egg dishes. For later meals, we offer sandwiches, salads, rich meats, pastas, pizzas, a unique sushi menu and house desserts. For those who choose to sit in the open area of the restaurant they can enjoy the open skylight. In the evening, we have a beautiful bar with a rich alcohol menu.

Business Lunch at Karas:

Served between 1:10-6:10p.m.

Includes an appetizer, an entrée and a hot or cold drink.

The prices are 49/57/89NIS

Some of the dishes include:

Carpaccio, Stuffed Calamari or Shrimp Tempura

Calamari Rings or Sea Food Salad

Yaki Tori Cordon Bleu

Taliatelle Carbonera

For business meals, you can add a glass of red/white wine for 21 NIS, 1/3 beer for 18 NIS and/or a dessert for 20 NIS.

Lunch across from the Sea!!