A Night on the Town in Haifa

Uzi Bashan gives himself a rare chance to defy his marital status (married, and delighted to stand by it) and take his best friend Alex to Frankie Pub in Haifa. The menu of pure drinks clarified that we had arrived to a real pub and this was even before we tasted their signature dish...

I am married (I admit and am delighted to stand by it) and I do not get to go out much. One evening, when my dearest one let me out for a bit to clean out my head, I decided to take my best friend Alex, who shares the same family situation, out for an evening. After checking with our friends who still have the regular practice of going out, we chose Frankie Pub, located in the center near Kikar Sefer on Mt. Carmel. We are speaking here of an English-style pub, small and not too crowded, that has a bar inside and a lovely porch for those interested in sitting outside. We were searching for the true pub atmosphere, however, so we began our evening at the bar of Frankie Pub. Just across from us was a beautifully designed wall, filled with a massive variety of bottles of fine liquor such as Glenfiddich, Remy Martin, bottles of boutique wines, liqueurs and more.

We opened our tasting at Frankie Pub with a tasty Irish Murphy's while we spent some time with the menu. Our perusal of the menu immediately led us to see that Frankie Pub is different from standard bars in that it really is a "pub." The bar offerings included all sorts of fish platters and meat and cheese sandwiches. The cocktail offerings were also unique from other places, especially offering a variety of pure liquors. As the selections and the concept of Frankie Pub absorb, we decide to sample another drink: a chaser of Laphroaig, a strong 10-year aged whiskey.

After fully enjoying this smokey delight, we were ready to order the signature sandwich of Frankie Pub, that just from the description justifies its dignity. The sandwich is composed of a gibetta roll with strips of delicate roasted sirloin, red onion, pesto, mayonnaise and mustard, served with a side of fresh vegetables and antipasti. It tasted incredible! The music added to the overall wonder: Songs by Bob Dylan, Sonny and Cher and more of the classic oldies. Music, food and drink filled my senses.

The atmosphere is pleasant, the drinks are interesting and the meals are tasty at the Frankie Pub. We also sampled a plate or bruscetta with strips of goat cheese and fresh basil. The clock hit 10pm and the Frankie Pub was already full. The vibe is nice, the design is high-quality, the music is fantastic, the service is polite and the prices are most fair. We decide to honor our marital status and end the evening early, despite the instinct to stick around to chat a bit more and enjoy this gem of a bar in the Keter of Haifa.