Balance: A Solo Exhibition by Tal Shaked

The Rosenfeld Gallery in Tel Aviv will feature this intriguing solo exhibition until January 19th. Irit Mor describes what makes this current exhibit worth a visit.

Rosenfeld Gallery for Contemporary Art
Curator: Sari Golan Sarig

The world Tal Eshed creates in her solo exhibition aims to use the language of visual art to examine real world issues. These seemingly basic questions are some of the most complex queries man has had to deal with regarding the material and spiritual world: questions that seek to uncover the very meaning of reality and the purpose behind the ever-growing gaps in society, whilst trying to bind the characteristics of the body with the characteristics of the soul.

Eshed's explosive combination of spirituality and art is intentionally challenging. She strives to guide the viewer through a mysterious journey through the gallery space, from which s/he will embark on a longer, deeper journey through the channels of spirituality. The exhibition viewer will suddenly become intensely aware of time and space, feeling the effects of these dimensions on his/her very being. The exhibition takes place simultaneously in three time dimensions: past, present and future. It engages in a complex interior dialogue with ancient art and modern art, with different philosophical and spiritual theories, from East to West. The resulting narrative provides no answers, but rather more questions regarding the connection between the two worlds.

Eshed's work falls within the category of Post Land Art and Post Body Art. Her work derives from a deep awareness to time passing and the existing body of work in these fields. Eshed's work relates to the work of other artists, who maintain a dialogue with the history of Land and Body Art. Among these are international artists such as Bruce Nauman, Anish Kapoor, Mona Hatoum, and Israeli artists such as Eli Gur Arie, Michal Helfman, Sigalit Landau, Adam Rabinowitz and others.

Opening hours:
Mon. by appointment
Tues.-Thur. 19:00-12:00
Fri. 14:00-11:00
Sat. 14:00-11:00

1 Shvil Ha'Mifal Street, Building 6, Tel Aviv
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