Brunch and More at Rotman

"Fresh breads were already on the table awaiting us, crunchy and delightful, and small clay bowls filled with tzaziki, tehini, labane, Bulgarian cheese, spiced roasted sweet potatoes, green olives and eggplant…" Orly Peresh-Azulay is ready anytime to drive out of the way to visit the restaurant Rotman.

Like a dream with our eyes open, an indulgence that does not require crossing borders, and closer than imaginable… this was not my first time at Rotman, but each visit has the sense of the first time that is hard to quite explain.

Rotman, a restaurant located in the Lotam settlement in Misgav, was established by Maya and Amikam, whose story is told and will be told, concentrating around people's love and desire to provide an unforgettable experience in the culinary realm. Rotman sits on an outcropping of Mt. Hilazon, bathed in shades of blues and greens. Their balcony looks out over the eastern part of the Sea of Galilee, on the Zalman Riverbed from the north and over Arbel Cliff as well. Patrons arrive specially from all part of Israel after hearing rumors of this fantastic restaurant that offers visitors a heavenly experience: rich breakfasts, various vegetarian specialties, special meat dishes, both heavy and light and a children's menu the little ones will love. Rotman thought of everyone! They also organize private events in their special Rotman atmosphere and Maya, with her artists' spirit, might play the harp and Amikam will compose a witty poem about the guest of horn at any celebration. On weekends in the summertime, Rotman hosts live jazz concerts as well as a variety of other bands - for updates, call their phone.

On a rare morning that I had free, I had an enlightening moment. I was reminded of the atmosphere at Rotman, as well as of their country-style Galilee original cuisine, and I knew that I would invest a bit of time to drive over and enjoy a special breakfast good for the soul. When my husband and I arrived, I did not stop even briefly to look at their magnificent garden or at the entrance covered in flowers and special decorations (things I usually stop to look at) and headed straight for the balcony outside. Each flower, flowerpot, sculpture and piece of furniture at Rotman expresses Maya's unique tastes and her sense of design.

We sat on the balcony and breathed in all this delightfulness. Breakfast at Rotman, served in a variety of special dishes, includes unique dips, homemade confiture and many other treats that are as fresh as possible. Fresh breads were already on the table awaiting us, crunchy and delightful, and small clay bowls filled with tzaziki, tehini, labane, Bulgarian cheese, spiced roasted sweet potatoes, green olives and eggplant. In addition, they brought out some additional spreads to enjoy - pesto, olive tapenade and apple-strawberry jam. My husband ordered an omelette with cheese and I ordered an omelette with onions, mushrooms and fresh herbs. On another giant plate arrived a huge green salad, finely chopped just as I like it, involving freshly cut vegetables just recently spiced delicately with sumac (slightly sour Middle Eastern traditional spice).

We ate our delicious breakfast looking out over this breathtaking view, taking frequent breaks to enjoy our freshly squeezed orange juice. After getting our fill, I took a small stroll around the restaurant to explore its many beautiful corners. In each spot, I found yet another reason that this restaurant has the magical atmosphere created by Maya - the piano and the harp add a bit of decadent decoration, the beautiful flowers, the antique furniture, the fireplace, different pictures on the wall, a collection of babushka dolls and even the bathroom. After looking around a bit, I returned to my husband to enjoy a coffee and a warm apple strudel. Eating this deliciousness was pure nostalgia for us, thinking of one of our lovely trips abroad. Nothing like a visit to Rotman to charge our batteries before starting the day's regular ritual - with a feeling of something nice awaiting us just around the corner.