EcoBike - Seeing Israel on Two Wheels

EcoBike offers biking tours all over Israel to see the country from a new, environmentally minded viewpoint. Many tourists seek to be more thoughtful about gas consumption, EcoBike answers to this trend by offering high-quality tours on two wheels. Check out what some clients have to say about their way of seeing Jerusalem.

If you prefer to tour Jerusalem by bicycle, contact EcoBike, which offers a Saturday bike ride for 200NIS around the city's neighborhoods. It is an excellent tour offering insider information to some of the less-touristy spots around town, such as Nahla'ot, Rehavia and the German Colony, as well as better-known places like Haas Promenade and the Old City. The guides are a pleasure to ride with and the price includes the bike hire fee. Since the tour is on Shabbat, the streets are pleasantly car-free and even though Jerusalem is hilly, the ride is surprisingly easy (thanks in part to their high quality bikes).

What some former clients saying about their experiences with EcoBike:

“I really had a great day and enjoyed seeing Jerusalem from a bike. You answered my questions in the mail I send very quickly. I am going to Israel again in May, so hopefully I can join you for a tour through Tel Aviv next month!” Sophie Schmid, The Netherlands

“What a great way to see this amazing country – out in fresh air not sitting on a tour bus with recycled air and microphones blasting away. On the bike tour you really get a chance to take in the beauty and history surrounding you. In biking through the streets and parks of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, I felt less like a visitor to Israel and more like a citizen. What a thrill to be able to ride a bike in the Old City as well as bike through the Prime Minister’s compound (they don’t let tour buses do THAT!). I am 52 years old and not what you would call athletic but I was able to keep up with the 5 girls from Amsterdem (who bike every day to work in Holland) in our group. We stopped about every 20 minutes to learn about the places we were looking at – this is not the kind of tour where you park your bike and go into a point of interest to look around – it’s more of an overview…the following day we went back to look at specific places that interested us on the bike tour. We even biked through the market place on a day it was closed – you can barely WALK through when it’s open so this was fun. I highly recommend taking a bike tour of these two cities.” Sandi Miller, USA

“Amir – your enthusiasm for cycling is very contagious. Your knowledge of Jerusalem was well received throughout the day. A very positive experience and we will recommend you to our friends.” Gaye and Rob Spence, Canada

“I wanted to thank you very much for a really interesting , lively and challenging tour of Jerusalem. Thanks” Carolle Raynor, USA

“I would recommend the Jerusalem tour to everybody, a good way to discover the city. Our Israel tour was very interesting as well.” Martin Munker, Germany

“We have nothing but the highest regard for the cycling tour of Jerusalem offered by Amir Rockman. We were a mixed group cyclists, ranging in age and cycling ability, but Amir’s infectious enthusiasm carried the day. Amir’s knowledge of the city and his ability to move a large group of cyclists safely through it were remarkable. Over the course of our tour, we visited an old Hasidic neighborhood and market, the Russian and German colonies, the prime minister’s residence, the old Turkish railway station, the UN compound and city overlook, the dividing line between old East and West Jerusalem, the Old City, where we stopped for lunch, and an Arab market. Along the way, we developed a much better feel for the city’s layout and geopolitics than we had during previous bus tours to some of the same sites. We were perhaps most impressed, though, by Amir’s low-key style and his deep appreciation for the complexity of the issues that Jerusalem’s old divisions continue to present for the modern world… He took us to places we probably never would have gone…” Prof. Jim Pfander, Evanston, IL