International Exposure - December 8-12, 2010

“International Exposure” is an original initiative and production of the Suzanne Dellal Center. It is the most significant platform in Israel for independent dance artists to showcase their work before executives and guests from around the world.

“International Exposure” is held once every year at the Suzanne Dellal Centre drawing representatives from the international field of dance – festival managers, theatre executives, dance, arts and culture reporters, creative directors of leading dance companies and prominent choreographers and dancers. The yearly event gives artists an opportunity to expose and share their work in the hopes of gaining international recognition.

Maintaining ongoing cooperative relationships in addition to creative and professional ties with the international dance community greatly contributes to the promotion of Israeli arts both at home and abroad, placing it “on the map.”

The following performances will take place as part of “International Exposure” 2010:

December 8th

Wall / Zena by Ohad Naharin and the Bat Sheva Dance Company

December 9th

Transformation by Rami Beer / the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

Anna / Tamar Borer and Tamara Erde

December 10th

Repertory Dance Project / a joint production of the Suzanne Dellal Centre and the Israeli Opera

December 11th

Exposure 1

Particle Accelerator / The Fresco Dance Group, Yoram Karmi

Ou' / Rachel Erdos

Exposure 2 – Marathon starting at 13:00

Tsitsooshka (Kitten) / Odelia Cooperberg

New Piece / Idan Sharabi

Airport - Terminal B / Adama Dance Company – Liat Dror and Nir Ben Gal

Exposure 3 – Marathon starting at 15:00

Loop People / Mami Shimazaki

Gnaweya / Orly Portal

Exposure 4

Srul by Tamir Ginz / Kamea Dance Company

Nimrod Freed – Flash / Tami Dance Company

December 12th

Bill by Sharon Eyal / Bat Sheva Dance Company