Cafe Cafe Kfar Shmariyahu

"Shortly they arrived. Ben's cheese-stuffed ravioli in Alio Olio sauce, prepared with olive oil, garlic and delicious black kalamata olives… on a fully stuffed stomach we would finish with all of this business…" Amir Nahari checks out the business at Café Café Kfar Shmariyahu.

On HaMapilim St., a main thoroughfare of Kfar Shmariyahu, a branch of the chain Café Café recently opened its doors. Although a common site in Israel, with more than 110 branches throughout the country and internationally, this branch offers an advantage over others. What is it you ask? This is a business branch, a brilliant idea in a brilliant location. On a daily basis this Cafe Cafe is visited by people that we all recognize well and only wish for an autograph from the newspapers, television channels and business just across the way. A giant LCD screen displays the stock exchange, they have fax machines, photo copy machines and computers for the guests. Thus Shlomi Aldoroty and Alon Ben David, the owners of Café Café , bring the business in on the breaks and turn this branch into a perfectly complete business attractions.

One evening, my good friend Ben and I, visited the branch, like everyone, for some small business matters. We chose a quiet comfortable corner for ourselves, something not lacking here, so that we could talk without disturbing anyone and enjoy food to guide our conversation. As a starter, we ordered the house bread, arriving with pesto and olive tapenade. The bread was warm and crunchy and the spreads were fantastic, just what we needed to open our palates.

For appetizers we ordered two delicious options from the "Indulgences" category. Eggplant rolls stuffed with goat cheese and sun-dried tomatoes in a delicate pesto cream sauce started with an intriguing taste and finished quickly. We also ordered a dish of three sticky risotto balls with a Napolitana sauce. We almost forgot for what business purpose we came, though between the appetizers and the entrees we did manage to discuss a few matters specifically.

Shortly they arrived. Ben's cheese-stuffed ravioli in Alio Olio sauce, prepared with olive oil, garlic and delicious black kalamata olives. While he was indulging in his entree, I thought to myself that on a fully stuffed stomach we would finish with all of our business. If Ben's entree was appealing to the eyes, mine was even more impressive: Trout filet on a bed of gnocchi with cream sauce, red peppers, tarragon and garlic. No doubt about this place, I felt that we had already shaken hands and wished each other mazal tov on the new business.

The atmosphere in the evening at Café Café is very comfortable. Despite that business people frequent the place, many residents of Kfar Shmariyahu also seek a nice evening meal for the family and even some couples sough a romantic evening with the look of exclusive at a comfortable price. They understand offering unique dishes at this branch that differ from all the other Café Café's, including a wine menu offering many selections from the Tabor Winery as well as other names in the business. This branch has given itself a new identity to attract the upscale clientele.

After our plates were cleared and the table was spotless, we decided this would be the ideal time to get to know Café Café 's dessert offerings up close. We approached the counter at the bar and made our decision. The chocolate soufflé, a known favorite that cannot let us down, crumbly traditional cheesecake or classic vanilla creme brulée with wine-cooked pears? In the end, I suggested to go for the round apple cake and I was not disappointed. The pie was soft and tasty, served with vanilla cookie ice cream to help us cool off a bit from the hot dough. Sometimes the business is just an excuse.