“Holiday of Holidays” Festival in Haifa

In December Haifa will celebrate its 17th annual festival of the winter holidays for each of the city's many diverse residents. Filled with lights, art, music and, of course, a variety of culinary delights!

This year marks the 17th year for the “Holiday of Holidays” Festival celebrating holidays of three faiths: Chanukah, Christmas and Eid al Adja. Throughout the month of December, the city of Haifa will be "dressed up" to celebrate all the holidays and display neighborly feelings between the three major monotheistic faiths through a variety of cultural events in art spaces for different media: plastic, music, cinema and literature as well as outdoor gathering spaces and, of course, praiseworthy Mediterranean culinary delights.

Noteworthy among festival events are an open-air exhibition on the subject of “neighborhood” by Photographer Ziv Koren, a boulevard lined with a variety of decorated and unique Christmas trees, liturgical music events in various churches, a trail of food led by Gil Hovav cycling through the shuk, antique sales, an international literature conference, literature and poetry trails, activities and exhibitions for children and free entrance to all Haifa museums. Haifa intends to attract to the north even residents of the center.

A focus for the Holiday of Holidays festival is the trail of art - an outdoor exhibition beginning at Beit HaGefen and continuing through the neighborhoods to Wadi Nisnas. Here you will find many sculpture works and paintings by Jews and Arabs throughout the generations. The works combine art about daily life in Wadi Nisnas and the atmosphere in its alleyways and stone houses, each adding their own part to the story told.

In Wadi Nisnas and the German Colony you can find outdoor concert events (Meirav Awad, Alizah Aviv and Haim Romano, Big Bend Orchestra, Capoera, Solo Dance Performances, Gypsy music, National Songs and Oud), Parades (Christmas Parade, Scouts Parade and Marching Bands on Shabbat), Literature and Poetry Trails (Tens of prose excerpts and poetry along outdoor walking routes through the Wadi dedicated to the artists Sami Michael, Emil Havivi, Dalia Rabinovitz, Henna Abu Henna and more). The rows of Christmas Trees feature bright lighting to bring the spirit of light to Ben Gurion Boulevard in the German Colony. A guided tour, or rather a parade, guided by Gil Hovav will pass through the shuk and Wadi Nisnas, in addition to other cultural tours, historical tours of the city and ventures through the different cultural and religious backgrounds in Haifa.

The culinary side of Haifa will also participate in this display of three religions. Restaurants in the Wadi Nisnas and German Colony areas will offer a variety of meals for 55NIS.

Two participants in the culinary side of the festival are:


This tapas bar in the German Colony is situation in an old 19th century home built from stone with high ceilings and the original vibe preserved. Gaudi’s features a refined atmosphere, spectacular tapas dishes, a rich wine and alcohol menu and pleasant music. You can also enjoy quiet seating in a private room. If you would like to escape the intensity and bustle of the city, Gaudi's menu offers much to enjoy with a beer or any other drink you might like.


You are already in Haifa so it would be a mistake to miss out on the hummous. El-Rian Hummous Bar offers not only quality homemade hummous but also fantastic meats, a variety of salads, special desserts in their warm intimate garden. Relax and enjoy the events of the Holiday of Holidays festival to the sounds of pleasant music and, to complete the authentic experience, try out a nargilah afterwards.

May it be a year of positive neighborly relations!