Eden Teva Market

A hidden basement organic and healthy gem: Melania Weiss explores the Eden Teva Market in Gan Ha'Ir...

Amongst the pricey cafes and kosher schwarma joints lining Ibn Givrol and hidden away in the Gan Ha’Ir shopping center lies Eden Teva Market, a repository of organic products and an absolute gem for anyone seeking organic foods in or around Tel Aviv.

Although Teva does stock some fresh produce, the section is small and paltry compared with the overwhelming variety of other types of offerings—everything from local organic yogurts and cheeses to a stunning variety of olives to all-natural meat (which can be very difficult to locate, even at other organic-oriented venues).

The store also features large bins of dried fruits and nuts, organic grains, and loose teas that customers can mix and match for themselves. There are even organic quinoa mixes with herbs and dried vegetables—not to mention plastic containers for packaging all of this that are sturdy and intended to be reusable. Shoppers can also find a huge selection of prepared and frozen foods.

Although Teva does feature a multitude of smaller Israeli brands that focus on all-natural and organic products (including, but by no means limited to, Adamah, HaSadeh and Tvu’ot), as has been the case with health-food stores since time immemorial, it is also an excellent place to buy international products. Whether you are hunting for Italian canned tomatoes or Turkish candy, Thai plum sauce or German biscuits.

Teva is also the place to shop for lots of non-food products. There are a large number of cooking tools and utensils easily available, including a number of brands that aim to provide a more holistic and eco-friendly cooking experience. There is also a variety of cleaning products and a whole back nook that houses the beauty products and the vitamin selection. This means that for many ecologically- and health-conscious consumers, chores at Teva Market could be a one-stop shopping experience. There is even an extensive assortment of wines in stock—many all natural, most Israeli. There is a neat cache of sake stuck amongst the fish sauces in the Asian aisle, as well.

Compared with an average Tel Avivi supermarket, many of Eden Teva Market’s goods are somewhat pricey, but certainly no more so than most of the products available in Tel Aviv’s farmers’ markets and, frankly, not really much more expensive than comparable products at similar stores in other countries. The store’s large size allows it to cram in a vast selection of goods without feeling claustrophobic, even managing a sweet, if small, outside eating area. Like most big health-food stores, it stocks a variety of organic, all-natural and non-designated products, so make sure to check your labels if you are a purist. Certainly, with a selection as wide as Eden Teva Market’s, everyone can find something they will be thrilled to take home with them.