Cafe Nitza by the Seaside

"My salmon steak was oven-roasted, spiced with a lemon sauce, garlic, capers and white wine, alongside potatoes and fried vegetables…" Shirley Rahamim visits Cafe Nitza in Netanya: a hint of France on the Netanya seashore next to a splendid kosher meal.

It was early afternoon when I had set with my friend to meet and eat our midday meal. We both had early-ending days and were ready to enjoy. Café Nitza is located on the seashore in Netanya. A light pleasant breeze and relaxed atmosphere can intoxicate one with relaxation even in the heat of the day.

Café Nitza is a kosher daily restaurant with many years under its belt. Two years ago Victor arrived to Café Nitzah, bringing a hint of fragrant France with him. Victor is one of the greats in the restaurant field, for those who know Café “La Bohème” from the 80s in Tel Aviv. For the last decade he has managed a famous gourmet French restaurant on a tourist beach in Tolon, South France. As a result of his longing for the holy land that captured his heart, he found himself packing to move from the beaches of the Riviera to the beach in Netanya.

The atmosphere at Café Nitza has a European quality to it, the clientele are a mix of English tourists, elderly couples, many regulars and those who just stopped in to read a book in the middle of the day next to the pastoral scenery. We chose to sit outside side by side, a bit like being on the Champs Elysees, not willing to miss a moment of the blue sea.

The rich menu at Café Nitzah is offers a wide variety of elegant breakfasts, mini-sandwiches and salads, quiches, pastas and more. Although the giant meusli that arrived to a number of tables around us calling our attention, we decided to eat lunch instead.

For an appetizer we split a cheese plate and an anti pasti, served by a gentle hand and no doubt the waiter also arrived with a grand smile and a French accent to add to the wonderful taste of the cheese. Some of the cheeses included were Roquefort, Mozarrella, Feta, Yellow, Spiced Cream Cheese and Labane. This all came with warm fresh jibetta bread that seemed to have just fallen out of the oven.

The anti pasti won our most excited praise with an Asian-style sauce in which to dip sweet potatoes, eggplant and mushrooms combined with goat cheese in a combination that sat perfectly together. We wiped the plate clean.

For our entrees, my companion and I chose quite opposite selections. Effy ordered the eggplant lasagna and I ordered the baked salmon steak. The lasagna was served melting and highly influenced by the smokey mozzarella cheese and a creamy tomato sauce. The portion was satisfying and, despite the delicious taste, we were unable to finish it!

My salmon steak was oven-roasted, spiced with a lemon sauce, garlic, capers and white wine, alongside potatoes and fried vegetables. The salmon was very tasty, with a soft crumbly texture just right. Also a large portion, this one I was able to finish. We had no choice but to finish our meal with a soft soufflé, indulgent and sweet, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Café Nitza is kosher and open on weekdays until midnight and Fridays until the latest possible hour before the start of Shabbat. The food and service are both excellent, the view is relaxing and there is nothing like taking a break from the busy week to relax at Café Nitza.