Tel Aviv Dance Festival 2010 - October 4-30

Tel Aviv’s international dance festival, Tel Aviv Dance 2010, will take place for the fourth year in a row at two major cultural centers in Tel Aviv: the Suzanne Dellal Center and the Israeli Opera House – Tel Aviv Performing Arts Centre.

This year’s festival will bring twelve dance companies from nine countries featuring 34 performances. The festival will host premieres by dance companies from South Africa, South Korea and China, alongside those from the US, Canada, France and Israel.

Among the international performances at the festival:

>> Little Stories.Com 6/10-7/10 – Suzanne Dellal Center

The Accrorap Company from France will present Little Stories.Com, created by the Algerian choreographer Kader Attou. The company performs hip hop dance that combines Arabic-Andalusian music with French-Algerian hip-hop. The dance highlights the distinctive aspects of French hip-hop, which is deeply influenced by the rich and diverse Mediterranean culture. The company creates an encounter between street culture and contemporary stage and dance culture.

>> No Comment / A Body Conflicting with Emotion 9/10 – 10/10 - Suzanne Dellal Center

Two South Korean artists will exhibit pieces in an emotionally inspiring evening. Shin Chang Ho, one of most promising young choreographers in South Korea, will present “No Comment,” performed by ten male dancers, with a rhythmic musical collage of Western techno music. Kim Jin-Mi will present her most recent work, “A Body Conflicting with Emotion,” a work for four female dancers and one male dancer. This sensitive work is both poetic and tender.

>> Carmen 14/10 – 16/10 - Suzanne Dellal Center

A spotlight will be focused on South African dance, with choreographer Dada Masilo’s company. “Carmen” is a work for twelve dancers, based on a libretto by Masilo. Masilo’s Carmen is a hypnotic, erotic figure who moves with perfect timing from passion to jealousy, desire to rage and violence. The accompanying music includes the Carmen Ballet Suite for strings and percussion by Rodion Shchedri, Habanera from the opera Carmen performed by Maria Callas and more.

>> To Dance 20/10 – 21/10 - Suzanne Dellal Center

Stars of the New York City Ballet will be performing a variety of pieces. A special performance of dance classics by ten American dancers, with internationally renowned signature works such as Balanchine’s “Apollo,” set to music by Stravinsky, and the Tchaikovsky “Pas de Deux,” as well as choreographies of Twyla Tharp and Tom Gold.

>> Sutra 4/10 – 7/10 – Opera House – Performing Arts Center
Performed by the monks of the Shaolin temple in China. The performance is a collaboration between the noted choreographer Sidi Larbi Cherkaui and sculptor and scenic designer Antony Gormley, The music was composed by Szymon Brzóska and the dancers are Shaolin monks. This is a unique dance performance combining choreography and traditional martial arts, accompanied by live music performed by an ensemble of five musicians.

>> Carmina Burana 14/10 – 16/10 – Opera House – Performing Arts Center
The Royal Winnipeg Ballet from Canada will perform its award winning “Carmina Burana," choreographed by Mauricio Wainrot to music by Carl Orff.

>> Alvin Ailey Dance Company 26/10 – 30/10 – Opera House – Performing Arts Center

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre, that has enjoyed unprecedented success in its previous visit to Israel, returns. The evening includes, alongside Ailey’s “Revelations"- performed during the previous visit, additional works that have not been performed in Israel: “Unfold,” “Dancing Spirit,” and “Suite Otis.”