NG-meat bar in neve-tzedek

They say that behind every big mam there is a big woman. In our story there are two people involved with a mysterious woman that's common to both.

Five years ago Nir met Giora for the first time.
It was late at night in a New - York bar when Nir met a beautiful American and suddenly come in another guy, and with the Israeli "Chutspa" demanded to win the girls heart.
Then the girl disappeared and left the two male rivals on the deserted bar.
A few months ago they(the two guys),met through Giora's wife, Tut.
The New - York experience aroused their relationship. And the result were not late to come.
The three opened the N.G. a new meat bar that was built on Tamuz ruins. It serves a small variety of meat portions that are specific and accurate with a large and rich menu of alcohol. The name of the bar is the initials of Nir and Giora and how predictable that Angie was the name of the mysterious woman.
Its about a Well - that its concept is style and design. On the high walls, hanging the pictures of Shiri, Giora's sister. The styling of the dimmed lighting, that became more dimmed during the evening, lights the wooden tables that are scattered comfortably, to the minimum.
The well itself is designed in a U shape and has space for about thirty people. Its tall and equipped in comfortable chairs that invites people to sit for a long duration on a end of the Summer evening with food and drink.
The time was 22:00 when I arrived with a friend and plenty of conversation topics.
We sat on the bar and opened the evening in White Martini and Strawberry Dakari that was gentle but had a presence. The Alchohol menu is very wide and gives a good variety of beer, cocktails and other happy drinks.
On the plate, in reverse order there are five main dishes and a small number of specials. Thats whats nice in NG- the chef Ofir Jabani serves four meat dishes and one vegetarian that in quality are worth it.
I ordered the beef fillet (95shekels), medium – rare, and my partner ordered the spare ribs in a sweetish sauce.
While we were waiting for the food, we observed the crowds around us. 25 – 30 years old, some looked like on their first or maybe second date.
Chillout music was playing in the backgroundwhich became loader during the evening but went well with the Goldstar beer and the Heineken that we were drinking.
The main courses usually come with an oderve and two side dishes. We got the leafy salad with slices of small plum tomatoes and steamed root vegetables. A surprising combination but tasty. Then came the time for the "flag" portions because when the menu is small every portion is a "flag" for it self.
The beef fillet was made to a T. It was more towards the rare as I requested and on my friendsplate laid six spare ribs of an animal that the Maker gave to other countries.
The charming barwoman that served us dropped the axe when she asked my friend why is he eating the ribs with the knife and fork, then developed a conversation about the sexes and from my experience I rather announce defeat then make a big issue out of it.
The excellent meats came with homemade and hot puree, decorated with fried sweet potato peelings, green beans and Manguld leafs. The formula of less its more proved itself in the meat menu.
We sampled a wonderful Carpacio rolled in fresh herbs (30 shekels) and washed it down with Absint" – an illigal drink in a few countries that disinfectyour body down to your nails.
NG opens everyday from 12:00 and offers business meals untill 17:00.
Anyone that orders a main course gets an offer of a glass of wine for 15 shekels. Infact I should mention that the meals are definately value for money.
As far as the alcohol – ther is a basic rule: A well that sells a bottle of Muller for 18 nis only, its a well that its sure of itself and its alcohol menu.
Angie respects that rule and stands by it with pride.

NG Meat & Bar
6 Ehad Ha'am , Tel-Aviv