Eve... Origins in Yad Harutzim

If you are looking for an easy evening of fine food for your party or event, Eve, located in the Yad Harutzim area of Tel Aviv, has what to offer. On the scene for six years already, this restaurant can host your event and offer a number of amenities that can make your evening memorable. Orit and I were guests at a work bonding party for some fifty colleagues from the national criminal justice system - this group was more than ready to enjoy the party atmosphere and we got to jump on for the ride…

Orit and I arrived around 8p.m. to Eve and immediately noted the vast open space, exactly fitting for this evening’s schedule and for other small events up to 120 guests. We asked our host how the place changes for different vibes and he showed us a variety of table configurations and room set-ups, for anything from family-style or buffet dining to providing both a dance floor and a stage. The sound system is all set up for getting the party started, offering an in-house DJ with an optional singer, karaoke and the option for singing servers as well. Overall, the entertainment staff at Eve aims to please guests, whether they have come for a wedding, bar-mitzvah or a bonding evening for the office staff.

Eve’s certified kosher kitchen offers a surprising selection of delicious traditional treats. Our meal began with a number of salads: eggplant in tehini, matbucha (spicy tomato spread with cilantro), Schezuan mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with lemon juice and basil. Glancing at the menu provided to party planners, we noticed that another twenty or so options exist, so we were really only experiencing a small glimpse of the first course options. The mushrooms had a slight kick to them. Mixing the matbucha with the eggplant was also a delicious treat, even later as the entrees arrived, to enjoy with the meat kebab. The chef at Eve brings his Druze background to the grill, infusing the food with a refreshing Mediterranean twist. We especially took note of the hint of cinnamon present in this first meat dish.

Other entrees arrived in succession including such offerings as grilled tilapia in a light tomato herb sauce, spring chicken teriyaki and another grilled spring chicken, coated with a spice mix of paprika, oregano and a hint of black pepper. Traditional side dishes accompanied our meal: celebratory rice with raisins and almonds, green beans in teriyaki sauce and roasted potatoes and sweet potatoes with rosemary. Our hosts also shared some other menu options with us, such as a full buffet of homemade salads, sushi and more. I must admit that one of the highlights of the meal was the vegetable salad with lemon juice and olive oil. The unbridled use of parsley adds a special classic feeling to this traditional side.

As we were sampling all the food selections offered, the event we were invited to join this evening brightened up. Guests were clearly having a delightful time singing with the waiters, doing karaoke from their seats over a last bite and, of course, a bit of dancing. The atmosphere at Eve, chosen by the event’s organizers specifically with the help of the in-house designer, provided the right background for the group to indulge in their social time together.

Eve offers you all the tools to easily and elegantly put your small event together. The space is also open on some club nights of their own design but mostly caters to private events. They even light a torch outside and lay out the red carpet for you!