Corona Footvolley 2010 League

This year's Footvolley tournament will take place in its usual spot at the Tel Aviv Port on September 4 and September 10-11. Irit Mor explores the history of this sport, in the world and in Israel...

Footvolley in the World – History

The game of FootVolly (in Portuguese Futevólei), pronounced Fuchi-volley, is a beach sport created on the beaches of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil towards the end of the 60's. Brazilian soccer players left the city's run-down neighborhoods and headed to the beaches to enjoy their sport.

The popularity and immense strength of the footvolley game is driven mainly by Brazil, making the sport of a candidate for becoming an Olympic sporting event in the 2016 games to be held in Rio De Janeiro.

In Israel, the season is especially colorful and attractive, culminating in a thrilling, magnificent Final Four event, the original viewed by thousands of spectators in the Tel Aviv Port in the summer of 2008. Since then, as a tradition, the events of the Final Four for this game are held in the Tel Aviv Port.

The Corona FootVolley 2010 Legue

For the third consecutive year, the Tel Aviv Port will host the events of the final for the Corona Footvolley League with colorful festivities and an impressive sports spectacle on the northern deck.

Upon the completion of an extensive league that will be held throughout the summer and include, for the first time ever, two secondary leagues held concurrently every Friday at noon in Gordon beach, the Tel Aviv Port will host the Final Four event of the 2010 league on September 11th, 2010.

The Corona Footvolley arena will be built in the sand area of the Port of Tel Aviv and will host the final stage of the league (September 4th), the cross matches between the first and second leagues (September 10th) and the Final Four on September 11th. The finals are expected to be one of the largest and most fascinating sports events of the summer of 2010. As in previous years the matches have thousands of spectators and fans overlooking the sea in a marvelous natural venue to enjoy a sport in what seems to be its intrinsic and natural environment. Admission to league