Where to go for a Holiday Feast?!

Impatiently we wait for Rosh HaShanah and the holiday season to follow. We find it intrinsically important to seek out which restaurants will host us for holiday meals – who will open their gates and what will they offer visitors? It was not an easy task, but here it is: Orit Itzik has found a number of restaurants that offer guests a celebratory Rosh HaShanah Feast.

Rafael Resto-Bistro

Chef Rafi Cohen’s gourmet restaurant offers an abundance of Italian and French choices from the kitchen, with high quality ingredients, taste and a natural mix of flavors. On Rosh HaShana, Rafael Resto-Bistro is offering a special holiday meal with a special menu in the spirit of the season. The appetizers range from 55-75 NIS, the entrees from 95-145 NIS and the desserts from 45-55 NIS. Some of the dishes are characteristic of Rafael, including the Red Tuna Tartar with white soy, ginger, cilantro, chili, lemon juice and olive oil and the Lamb Shoulder Couscous with a selection of vegetables, whole chickpeas, black cabbage and spices native to Maghreb, Morocco.


This Tel Aviv Indian restaurant will offer a traditional holiday meal for Rosh HaShanah. The holiday-plan starts with the Jewish traditional and continues through to the Indian traditional, accompanied by books of blessings in the Indian Jewish style. The pre-fixe meal will cost 240 NIS per person, children under three for half price. Among the dishes for the meal are: Indian-style Gefilte Fish or Chraimey (fish in spicy red sauce), a mixed platter of spice meats of your choice and side dishes from the Indian kitchen and homemade ice-cream parfait in a variety of flavors.

Auberge Shulamit

The restaurant at Shulamit’s Inn in Rosh Pina offer you a fine kitchen, personal service and an incredible view from both the veranda and the windows of this boutique hotel. On Rosh HaShanah the pre-fixe menu will cost 250 NIS per person. Some of the menu items include: Chestnut Soup, Young Chicken Livers on a bed of apples and honey, Grilled Lamb Ribs with a side of mashed potatoes and Champignon Mushroom Croquettes with wine-soaked plums.


Hadara-leh French Bistro is located in Ma’a lot-Tarshiha (20Km East of Nahariya) next to Lake Monfort. The Bistro specializes in meats prepared in the traditional French style as well as offering select fish dishes. On Rosh HaShanah, the Chef Sivan Amselm offers a celebratory meal for the price of 180 NIS per person. Some of the dishes found on the menu of Hadara-leh this year are: Filet Carpaccio spiced in balsamic vinegar, Atlantic sea salt, 4-seasons pepper grounds and olive oil, Grilled Filet Medallions in chili sauce and warm Chocolate Soufflé with French Cream Ice-Cream.

Recommended and even required to make a reservation ahead of time. Have a fantastic holiday meal! Shanah Tovah.