Highlights of the Spanish Maholohet Festival, August 2010, Suzanne Dallal Center

Maholohet 2010 is the largest dance event in Israel, reflecting the most diverse, original dance in Israel, displaying both the dynamic and vibrant. More than 80 dance performances will be held this year, from Israel and abroad, including the following Spanish dance performances:

Tania Vonokur and her ensemble Cinco5 – 13/8/10 at 22:00
Cinco ("five" in Spanish) is a Flamenco performance that combines music, singing, video and dance. The performance merges traditional Flamenco with original creations by Tania Vonokur, influenced by Jazz, Cuban music and Tango, combined with video art. Vonokur creates a new, fascinating language that sweeps the viewer into the world of five women. The performance in accompanied by an ensemble of musicians.

Silvia Duran hosts David Sanchez – 14/8/10 at 21:00
A Spanish and Flamenco dance performance by dancer and choreographer Silvia Duran and her company, hosting David Sanchez, the soloist of the Antonio Marquez Dance Company, and winner of the Antonio Gades prize. The performance combines a variety of Spanish dance styles, from the classical-traditional to the contemporary style Flamenco, including colorful and original costumes. Piano: Tatiana Putapaikin.

Remangar Flamenco Company, Keren and Avner Pesach – 19/8/10 at 21:00
A new Flamenco performance featuring live "pure Flamenco" music. With 13 artists appearing, both dancers and musicians, the stage is transformed into an energetic arena in which snapshots are displayed in a journey of memories into the life of a young couple. “Even people who are not Flamenco lovers will find it hard not to be captivated by the high quality performance by Remangar Company…” (Ruth Eshel – Ha'aretz)
Singers accompany the performance: Yehuda Shviki, Yael Horowitz. Guitar: Tomer Elmalach, Zevik Perry. Palms: Hagai Leshem.

Telephone for ticket reservation: 03-5105656
Address: 5 Yechiel St, Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv