MadriDance in Tel Aviv

MadriDance in Tel Aviv, a Spanish Dance Festival will take place from the 1st ot the 10th of July at the 1/7-10/7 Suzanne Dellal Center in Tel Aviv.

Suzanne Dellal Center, the center of dance in Tel Aviv, will hold MadriDance events for the first time ever – ten days of Spanish dance performances by leading artists currently working in Madrid, and representing the Spanish art of Flamenco and contemporary Spanish dance.
Among the performances in MadriDance Tel Aviv:

Jazzing Flamenco – 1/7-3/7
Antonio Najarro, one of the most prominent representatives of Spanish dance and Flamenco in Spain, as well as outside Spain, presents: Jazzing Flamenco. Najarro has created a new show in which classical Spanish dance serves as an outline, while merging new avant-garde directions both in music and dance that characterize and form his personal artistic style.

Project in Movement + Jesus Pastor
Project in movement – transparent: Search… intensity, beauty and calm. In my search for a way to make the body more accessible, more flowing… I discovered a sea of naked bodies that constitute part of a whole with less complexes… transparent bodies.”
Jesus Pastor – meeting: two men, two contrasting worlds. One – free, loose and satisfied with his life, the other– frustrated, closed off and yearning for a different life. A fascinating meeting, ending with love, understanding and renewal. A white stage, black cubes and red carpets fill the space in which the dancers conduct a dialog with the set in order to create a variety of spaces and atmospheres.

Cambio de Tercio – 8/7 – 10/7
The new performance by choreographs and directors Rojas and Rodríguez, builds from the start layers of energy in which an ensemble of four dancers, together with the leaders of the group, undergo a process of development and maturation over three different pieces. The world of choreography, which is born of the souls of the dancers and of creators Rojas and Rodríguez, reaches its peak in exposure to the audience, with complete candor, purity and daring expression that only the magic of Flamenco can create on stage.

Suzanne Dellal
6 Yechieli St., Tel Aviv
Tel: 03-5105656