Frankie Pub

Uzi Bashan takes a brief respite form his marital status (as happily married as can be), and takes his good friend Alex out to for drink. The fine spirits relay that they’d chosen an authentic pub, and that was before they’d tried the house special at Frankie Pub in Haifa.

I’m married (as happily as can be) and I don’t get to go out much. One night, when I saw my wife was prepared to let me out for while to clear my head, I decide to take out my good friend Alex who, through fault all his own, is of the same marital status. After thorough checking with friends who get out a little more often than we do, we chose Frankie Pub, centrally located next to Kikar Sefer on the Carmel. We’re talking here about a small English pub that isn’t rammed with people, made up of a bar and a lovely patio for those who prefer to sit outside. But wanting the authentic pub atmosphere, we started out the night by positioning ourselves centrally at Frankie Pub’s bar. Opposite us is an astoundingly decorated wall, full of top quality bottles of alcohol like Glenn Fiddich whiskey, Remy Martin, wines from boutique wineries, liqueurs and more goodness where that came from.

We start our tasting at Frankie Pub with Murphy’s quality Irish beer, which loyally accompanied us while we investigated the menu. Our observations reinforced our impression that Frankie Pub is different from other student pubs – as it is a true pub in every sense of the word. Along with a menu of traditional bar food including mini platters of fish and meat and meat and cheese sandwiches, there is also a drinks list; unlike the usual list of cocktails that we know from other places this is a pristine drink list. And as long as we’re letting the Frankie concept permeate, we decide to order another drink – a chaser of strong tasting Laphroaig that has been aged for 10 years.

Once we’d be thoroughly impressed by the aged whiskey, we ordered one of Frankie Pub’s large sandwiches, a hot meat sandwich, and understood from the first bite why it was so large: the dish is made up of a ciabatta with pieces of soft grilled sirloin, red onion, pesto spread, mayonnaise and mustard – and all this alongside fresh vegetables and antipasti. The sandwich is especially succulent and a real treat, and the quality music playing in the background makes it a marvel: Bob Dylan songs, Sonny and Cher and more great oldies help accompany the good food.

The nice atmosphere, the special drinks and the tasty dishes at Frankie Pub encourage us to order a bruschetta platter of with goat cheese and fragrant basil leaves. Alex and I notice that the clock has struck 22:00, and Frankie Pub is already full. The excellent atmosphere, the quality décor, the wonderful music, polite service and reasonable prices encourage us to throw caution to the wind when it comes to our marital status and stay a bit longer in this diamond on the crown of Haifa.

Frankie Pub
4 Lintis St., Haifa
Tel: 0522812523