Thailandi Jerusalem

Yuval Blanchovsky visits Thailandi Jerusalem – a noodle bar that will accommodate large cheerful groups of diners and where you can be in and out, happy and full within an hour…

The Thailandi Jerusalem restaurant is the sort that will accommodate large cheerful groups of diners and where you can be in and out happy and full within an hour. Thailandi specializes in a selection of stir-fries, a familiar dish from the Thai kitchen, along with an impressive number of other non-stir-fry dishes, like soup of the day, chicken wings in sweet spicy sauce and chicken in sesame.

In the kitchen, on the wok, a Thai cook makes sure all is done properly, but customers are also welcome to change the menu stir-fries with a number of meats, vegetables and mushrooms available in Thai cuisine. The delivery department works at breakneck speed, with dishes being delivered all over Jerusalem. Stir-fries are also available in a baguette, making the meal a little cheaper, and ensuring that you will be leaving especially full.

Thailandi Jerusalem’s stir-fries are divided into four types: meat and veg only, Pad Thai – a vegetable stir-fry, meat and the rice noodles most identified with the Asian kitchen, Noodles – a familiar dish of vegetables, meat and egg noodles, and a stir-fry with rice, meat and vegetables.

Thailandi Jerusalem’s meat selection is quite broad, from sausages to roast beef, veal, chicken and goose, and the even broader vegetable selection promises that no matter how many times you come, you’ll never have to eat the same dish twice. My friend Ben and I decided to try a goose and rice dish, to which I added hot green chili and assorted veggies. I understand why the Thai excel at stir-fries.

From there we went on to another stir-fry of roast beef which, unlike the first dish, had a slightly sweet sauce coating the strips of roast beef, rice noodles and veggies, including sprouts, corn and pepper. The sweetness complemented the roast beef and rice noodles well. Ben and I polished this one off in no time.

Due to my intense love of red meat, I also ordered a veal stir-fry. The restaurant offers the option of upgrading any stir-fry with roast beef or goose, which I highly recommend. This way you’ll not only be getting a super meaty dish, but one that offers a range of flavours and colours.

If you come in the evening and have some time to relax, Thailandi Jerusalem also serves beer to accompany your stir-fry, but the restaurant is really perfect for those looking for a quick filling lunch in the middle of a workday. The pleasant and clean restaurant is a great place to enjoy your lunch break. Recommended for those looking for a tasty and satisfying Thai stir-fry in Jerusalem.

Thailandi Jerualem
25 Yaffo St., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-6251995