The Last Chance

Looking for a pit stop on your way down south? Roni Michael introduces The Last Chance, a southern-style Israeli restaurant and tavern and a final outpost on the dusty road down to the Dead Sea.

On the dusty road from Jerusalem to the Dead Sea is an oasis. The Last Chance Tavern is a new and modern bar-restaurant totally renovated after a fire a couple years back. Built from local materials like date palms, cane and local stone, the pub is also decorated to reflect the local aesthetic, outfitted in rugs from Sinai and mats for reclining on the floor in traditional Middle Eastern style.

The tavern serves tasty and typically Israeli food in a relaxed vacation atmosphere. The menu offers hummus, homemade falafel, makloba, excellent shakshuka, grilled meats, and a varied homemade selection of fresh salads. The lafah and pita bread are baked fresh daily on site. And for dessert there is espresso and tehina cookies.

The Last Chance has been providing a break from the daily grind for the last 15 years. From catering services to feeding passers-by, The Last Chance is a milestone at the Dead Sea; having started out with pebbled floor and carpets from Sinai, it has turned into a local institution - a place to park, eat and party for area residents, and tourists and travelers alike.

On holidays and local festival days such as the Dead Sea Love Festival, and sometimes even on regular days, the tavern is overtaken with by rock and international musicians coming for festivals. Every Friday The Chance offers guests a traditional Tunisian lunch.

If you are looking to hold an event in the area, The Last Chance is certified kosher by the local rabbinate and can accommodate groups of up to 120 people in the restaurant, and up to 250 in the garden.

The Last Chance
Almog Junction, North of the Dead Sea.
Tel: 02-9409414