Adidas Tel Aviv Marathon 26/03

The traditional Tel Aviv Marathon is set to go, and will include a full marathon (42.195 km.), a 10 km run, and organized popular run.

Adidas sponsors about 25 marathons throughout the world, including 3 of the world’s biggest marathons: Berlin, London and Boston, aimed at promoting the sport of running amongst all sectors of the population, professionals and amateurs alike.

The first Tel Aviv marathon (which was the first in Israel) was held in 1934. 60 years later, in 1994, the marathon tradition was discontinued for 15 years. In 2007, the marathon returned to Tel Aviv in the form of a half marathon, and it was only in 2009 that the full marathon returned to the city, covering a route that includes historic sites, the White City of Tel-Aviv and parks that tell the story of the city and its history.

Registration for the marathon will begin in January 2010, and in parallel Adidas will open a special professional running store in Rabin Square in March. Adidas will also give official, professional marathon shirts with perspiration evaporating technology to every participant in the full marathon and 10 km run, at the marathon starting point.

To produce the marathon in Tel-Aviv, Adidas collaborated with Shvung company, a company that produces and organizes professional sports events.

For additional information, please contact Adidas’ representative, Mike Shitrit: 03-6505300