Not Every Day is Purim

In fitting with the Jewish tradition of special eating for every holiday, at Purim we send our friends a basket of all sorts of treats. This year we have more to offer you than just the traditional hamentaschen filled with poppy seed. So, what will go into your mishloach manot this year…?

One of the most predominant Purim traditions is the sending of ‘mishloach manot’ (literally ‘sending of portions’) to friends. Traditional ‘mishloach manot’ are made up of food, wine, and hamentaschen of course – the three-cornered cookies which come from Eastern Europe and are filled with poppy seed. To our delight, there is much more than just poppy seed to sweeten up our Purim. Here are a few options for ‘mishloach manot’.

Parash, Bakery, Jerusalem
Parash Bakery in Jerusalem will be baking their yearly selection of special hametaschen from crisp pastry, yeast dough, puff pastry. Whole-wheat hamentaschen and sugar-free hamentaschen with traditional fillings of fresh poppy seed (ground in house), a mixture of pecans and walnuts, chocolate and dates. At Parash Bakery the hamentaschen come in miniature and in a chocolate version of about 20 grams, allowing you to taste the entire world of hamentaschen.
A kilogram (about 30 cookies) of crisp white flour pastry filled with nuts, dates, poppy seed or chocolate or whole wheat filled with nuts, dates or poppy seed, recommended for diabetics, costs NIS 70.
A kilogram (30-25 cookies) of yeast dough filled with vanilla, chocolate, poppy seed, dates and nuts costs NIS 45.
A kilogram (40-45 cookies) of phyllo pastry filled homemade plum ham costs NIS 80.

Bleeker Bakery, Boutique Patisserie Chain
In honour of Purim Pastry Chef Oren Becker is launching a line of holiday products for the Bleeker Bakery boutique bakery chain, offering more than just hamentaschen with a variety of indulgent fillings, but a tasty sugar-free version of the tri-cornered cookie.
Amongst the Bleeker Bakery’s Purim holiday collection find three types of hamentaschen in fancy holiday packages of 350 grams (15 cookies):
Hamentachen with candied cherry and chocolate filling – NIS 37
Hamentaschen with poppy seed and nuts – NIS 37
Hamentaschen filled with walnuts, hazelnus and nougat – NIS 37
Hamentaschen filled with coconut, dried and cinnamon – NIS 37
Hamentaschen filled with poppy seed and nuts – NIS 39

Roy Chocolate Chain
The Roy chocolate chain, as is tradition, offers sweet mishloach manot for Purim, with many new chocolate creations, including: clown hat and noise-maker, three clowns with surprising fillings, costumed pralines, hamentaschen filled with chocolate and Purim greetings made out of chocolate.

Biscotti, Bakery and Deli, Tel Monday
Offering you hamentaschen with a range of fillings like poppy seed, halvah, dates or chocolate at NIS 28 per box.

Dudu Outmezgine, Patisserie and Bakery, Haifa
Offering you a range of unique hamentaschen filled with poppy seed, dates, plums, nuts, ricotta, halvah or chocolate – in a 400 gram box for NIS 30-32.