La Cuisine

“Soft classic buttery chocolate chip cookies brought back childhood memories and were devoured in no time…” Yonatan Sternberg finally indulges his sweet tooth at La Cuisine in Jerusalem.

Since moving to my new apartment in Rehavia, I must have passed by La Cuisine pastry shop and café on Aza Street at least 30 times. Over the years, I've heard good things about Lorrie and Marvin Rap's catering services and baked goods, but for some reason never found the time stop by and see what they had on offer. Since a visit to La Cuisine was way over do, Oshrit and I decided to head on down to Aza for a little 'coffee & cake’.

La Cuisine was founded some 9 years ago by pastry chef Lorrie Rap and her husband Marvin. After studying at the prestigious culinary institute Lenotre (France) and learning the fine and precise art of baking, Lorrie decided to open a bakery and patisserie offering top quality desserts and baked goods (dairy and parve Mehadrin).

As soon as you walk in to one of the two La Cuisine Jerusalem locations (Aza St. and Talpiot) it’s clear that Lorrie is influenced by both classic French and American baking style. While the Aza branch only serves baked goods, coffee and drinks, in Talpiot (4 Yad Harutzim) you can also enjoy La Cuisine's fresh salads, whole-wheat couscous, pancakes, sandwiches and more.

We decided to start off with something savory. Marvin arrived at our table carrying a couple of personal sized quiches. One filled with grilled red peppers, pesto sauce and plenty of feta cheese and the other with sautéed swish chard, toasted walnuts and salty Bulgarian cheese. The quiches were very tasty; however I personally prefer a slightly thinner crust. La cuisine offers a variety of personal and family size (28") quiches which can be eaten on the premises or taken home and briefly reheated in the oven. The different fillings provide a wide range of flavors and textures. From classic onion quiche through asparagus and Roquefort, if the others are as good as the ones we tasted, you and your guests are in for a treat.

When Marvin began cutting into the thick creamy New York style cheese cake, I could see that Oshrit was getting excited. A cappuccino for the lady and a double espresso for me – it was time to put the cookies and cakes to the ultimate taste test. Soft classic buttery chocolate chip cookies brought back childhood memories and were devoured in no time, as was a hearty and nutritious whole-wheat blueberry muffin. La Cuisine's 'Mousse B' is also very tasty – fluffy white chocolate mouse atop decadent dark chocolate and a chocolate cake base – yummy!

So next time you don't feel like baking or if you just feel like going out and enjoying a good cup of coffee and something sweet, a visit to La Cuisine would definitely be a good place to start.

La Cuisine
20 Aza Street, Jerusalem