African Voyage Journal Exhibition

“Through this kaleidoscope, the exhibition seeks to remind the audience that there really is such as thing as African…” Bait Ba Namal presents African Voyage Journal exhibition from January 10th to March 14th in Tel Aviv.

African Art in Tel Aviv:
The African Voyage Journal exhibition, from curator Daniela Zies, opened this January at Bait BaNamal in Tel Aviv, and will display personal works by Ingrid Mwangi, Robert Hutter and Joel Andre Onomearizoa.
Joel, an artist with a background in the world of fashion, will exhibit unique textile works here in Tel-Aviv, and Ingrid will exhibit two series of photographs. One is entitled Same Green, and is composed of magnificent photographs of African landscapes taken during a journey throughout the continent, and the second series, Kenyan, human, mediator, which is composed of portraits of women, children and men holding signs saying: I am a human.

About the artists, from the catalog text written by curator Daniela Zies:
“Same Green is a loving intermission whose images are not limited to a touristic view: she offers a human look. So human that Ingrid invites women, men and children to model for her in a simple even amused manner, in order to tell us that they are human in the full sense of the word” (Translation from French: Avner Lahav).

The exhibitions present the results of an in-depth examination of contemporary African art that is nearly unknown in our region. The exhibitions seek to take the viewer on a journey into the depth of the African “self” within today’s global world, with every artist in the exhibition dealing in their own way with questions of identity and belonging, and particularly national, family, private and individual identity, within the contemporary work of art and media.

“… Through this kaleidoscope, the exhibition seeks to remind the audience that there really is such as thing as African. There are individuals, with their dreams, angers, hopes and struggles. Each one of them represents a world unto him/herself, and by seeing them together, we may be able to perceive, if not the definition, than at least the essence of what a contemporary African artist can be: an artist like any other artist, yet one whose story has yet to be told”. – From an article by curator Simon Magami, exhibition catalog.

The exhibition is open Sunday to Thursday and Saturday from 10:00 to 22:00 and Friday from 10:00 to 16:00.

Bait BaNamal
Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port