Noa Dar & Guests

November 29 & December 2, at 21:00 and December 12, at 18:00, Noa Dar & Guests: Maya Brinner and Irad Mazliah will be performing at the Suzanne Dellal Centre in Tel Aviv.

To celebrate 20 years since the “Curtain Up” project - Noa Dar crated the work “Anu” and invited 2 creations by the young choreographers Maya Brinner and Irad Mazliah, both of whom have been working with her as dancers for the past few years. The creation’ process and its final outcome became a meeting point for the choreographers’ different approaches toward uniformity versus individuality, fixation versus change and mobility.

The works:

“Red ladies” by Maya Brinner

Creators / Dancers: Shany Ben-Haim, Rita Komissarchik, Maya Brinner
Music by Yuval Mesner

A trio for three female dancers.
Three identical women seek individuality in a world dominated by beauty and power, precision and competition.
The piece overloads the dancers with fabric and monitors their ability to free themselves from its forced identity.

“Unter den linden” by Irad Mazliah
Dancers: Noa Shilo, Ofir Najari, Irad Mazliah
Music: Roi yarkoni, Paganini

"I ask for speed so to explore need,
So we must be quick light and strong
Not neither to perform nor to play but a matter of response of quick thinking
In a box under a tree we explore what lays between us, passion our guide."

“ANU” by Noa Dar
Dancers: Noa Shilo, Alon Bracha,Coralie Ladam, Noa Dar
Music: Roi Yarkoni
Set and costumes: Noa Dar

Handbook for the user: Possibilities for freedom of action in a disciplined society dominated by uniformity and firmed ideologies.

Tickets: 03-5105656