Dinner in the Sky

“The hottest new dining experience, which has taken the world by storm, is now in Israel too!”

Whether floating above the City of David or the ancient walls of Jaffa, your guests will enjoy a unique gourmet meal and the magnificent view spread out below their feet.

Dinner in the Sky – now in Israel too!
What's the most exciting culinary experience you can imagine in Israel? One that you and your guests will remember for the rest of your lives? How about dining 50 meters in the air with a breathtaking view of the sky that surrounds you and the land or cityscape below.

Dinner in the Sky offers the hottest new dining experience in Israel – one that combines a gourmet dinner and exquisite drink with a unique site and glorious view. These are some of the ingredients that will make your visit to Israel truly memorable.

Your special event can take place above the old city of Jaffa or the City of David, in the skies of Caesarea or anywhere else you wish, at live performances or as a VIP lounge. Just choose the venue and we'll help you create an unforgettable event.

Dinner in the Sky offers a high-end setting for large or small events. You can entertain anywhere from dozens to hundreds of guests, according to your personal preference. Our unique platform, suspended up to 50 meters above the ground with a 360°-view, seats 22 diners at a time. In addition, we provide a red carpet hosting area with all the amenities on the ground.

At Dinner in the Sky, air and atmosphere combine to endow your event with a special magic, heightening the flavors of the gourmet dinner prepared by our home chef, Frank Azulay.

Frank Azulay is one of Israel's most sought-after chefs thanks to his extensive culinary experience and the creative, colorful touch he imparts to each dish he prepares. At Dinner in the Sky, Chef Azulay is responsible for adding that "heavenly" touch to your meal.

Dinner in the Sky has been acknowledged around the world for the unique experience it provides and was selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the 10 most extraordinary culinary experiences in the world.

Dinner in the Sky complies with stringent safety standards and operates with great success in Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, Toronto, Dublin, Berlin, Dubai, Budapest and Zurich, among others.

Dinner in the Sky
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