Thai Wok Noodles

“The plate was filled with stir-fried noodles and vegetables, soft and delicate like noodles should be. Sweet and sour chicken, sliced into strips. Slightly sweet strips of juicy chicken that give good bite…” Shir Kidan takes a break from Friday shopping to visit Thai Wok Noodles in Holon.

On my usual shopping day, Friday of course, between the morning shopping session and the afternoon, my girlfriend and I were attacked by a wave of hunger. Actually, I’d been hungry since I left the house. After a short circle round the food court at the Holon Mall, with many diverse options like most malls including many cafés, well-known burger joints, pizza places, ice cream and more, we decided to go for Thai– a popular cuisine these days, plus we’d already heard some good things about Ronen’s Thai Wok.

The choice was been difficult considering the range of dishes. Different soups, more than ten chicken dishes, beef dishes, chicken, beef and salmon stir-fries, and even different types of sushi. Ronen created a large selection of business lunch specials to accommodate any combination of orders. Because I’d just eaten sushi yesterday, I decided to go for some more original Asian dish. The server at Thai Wok loaded our plate with everything good the Asian kitchen has to offer. The Chinese chef Chan, and sous chef Chau have many years of Asian cooking experience behind them, making this afternoon meal an authentic experience.

The plate was filled with stir-fried noodles and vegetables, soft and delicate like noodles should be. The sweet and sour chicken consisted of slightly sweet strips of juicy chicken that give good bite. The stars of the plate were, without a doubt, the Thai potatoes in honey sauce. Cubes of soft, melt in your mouth potatoes that taste a lot like honey, along with chicken wings in honey garlic sauce, soft and lovely, sweet and tasty. We ended licking our fingers with pleasure. The most dominant flavours of the generously filled plate reached every corner of our mouths.

The secret behind Ronen’s flavours are the best and most expensive ingredients that are available on the Asian foods market in Israel, while trying to keep prices fair and reasonable and no higher than most other culinary mall offerings. And speaking of the mall offerings, and considering the business clientele who eats in the malls in the centre of the country, Ronen offers business lunch specials and delivery service to the entire Holon, Bat Yam and Azur area. And there’s no problem if you are a group of 5 people, or 100, one telephone call and you can get food to your home or office.

Thai Wok Noodlees
7 Golda Meir, Holon Mall, Holon.
Tel: 03-5040608