How many times have you planned on making a dish and in the end you found yourself in the in the middle of a long and exhausting cooking process? The new mandolins at The Cook Store will solve your problem and making cooking a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

You open up a cookbook and excitedly start whipping up a decadent creation. Are you sure you’ve got it all covered? Positive? In order to not find yourselves deep in a long and exhausting cooking process, let us tell you about a new collection of mandolins by Kyocera. This mandolin is your new kitchen helper – it will turn your cooking process into a fun simple experience.

The mandolins are created and outfitted with state of the art ceramic blades – the world’s sharpest blades (second in strength, after diamonds), making your work much easier.

There are 2 types of mandolins: mandolins for thick slices – with the state of the art ceramic blades with wide teeth especially for thick slices of vegetables, and mandolins for making very small slices – this mandolin works back and forth (enabling double cutting) shortening your work process. It has 2 ceramic blades and is especially suited to recipes that call for very small slices of fruit or vegetables.

The mandolin sits atop a container and can be simply put in the dishwasher for cleaning after use. The mandolin is ergonomically designed, safe and easy to grip.

The mandolins are available at The Cook Store, which specializes in utensils, equipment and gadgets for the kitchen from the world’s leading brands.

Price: NIS 189

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