Liquid Lightshow Exhibition

See works created using a technique called ‘liquid lightshow’ at the Naim Studio

The exhibition presents works created using a technique called Liquid Lightshow – prints on canvas of photos of natural liquid phenomena that were shot during artist Tali Alohav’s live performances.

The Liquid Lightshow technique involves painting in a bowl of water located on a light table, and thenprojected onto a screen as a live animation film that takes place before the audience. This is a kinetic painting that moves and flows, creating a unique artistic language through natural and dramatic phenomena that occur in liquids. The use of spraying, blowing and dripping liquid paints, combined with materials such as soap, oil and alcohol, creates a dynamic, magical and colorful world of paintings that change according to their musical accompaniment. The effect is both gripping and meditative, and creates in viewers an internal sequence of images and meanings through the natural beauty of colors, shapes, flow, music and light.

Tali Alohav is an interdisciplinary artist, graduate of the Kalisher School and Tel Chai Arts College. She has exhibited extensively in museums, alternative festivals and as part of the national culture program.

The exhibition is a continuation of the Naim Studio tradition in addition to the studio’s ongoing activities that integrates various cultural events and art exhibitions dealing with movement and environmental quality.

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