Layla Lavan (White Night) Festival

The Layla Lavan (White Night) Festival, celebrating 100 years of culinary tradition in Tel Aviv will take place this year from the May 24th -30th, while the Layla lavan, or ‘white night’ itself will take place on May 27th. All throughout the week various events will be held and the festival’s main attraction – enticing full course menu’s for only NIS 79 – will be available at some of the city’s best restaurants.

This year Layla Lavan 2009 (White Night) will be celebrated in conjunction with the Tel Aviv 100 year celebrations.

We can be sure of 2 things: First, that the Tel Aviv that once was doesn’t resemble modern Tel Aviv, and second, that the Tel Aviv Layla Lavan celebrations are a successful tradition that have inspired similar festivals in many cities around the country.

The festival, a symbol of 100 years of Tel Aviv’s culinary tradition, takes place over the course of a week from 24/05/09 to 30/05/09, with the main event occuring on 27/05/09. On this night, full course meals of special dishes will be served for only NIS 79. Residents and Tel Aviv visitors alike can also enjoy a variety of shows, films, concerts, tours and other activities. The Layla Lava celebrations also coincide with the Shavuot holiday – an excellent opportunity to bring the entire family to the city that never ceases to surprise and enjoy a culinary experience that occurs just once in 100 years.

Celebrating 100 Years of Culinary Tradition

Many Tel Aviv restaurants will be offering ‘white’ menus with dishes inspired by the colour white and a selection of dishes indicated with the Tel Aviv Centennial logo. In addition, dozens of restaurants and bars will be open until the wee hours of the night all week long. Café’s will join the celebration and encourage everyone take part in Israel’s national sport – drinking coffee – and enjoy the high quality coffee and classic Israeli breakfasts.

In honour of the festival, the city’s best restaurants will be offering special dishes that will make you wish Layla Lavan would go on all month. In order not to miss a single dish and get the most of 100 years of culinary tradition, we recommend starting your tasting experience in Ramat HaChayal. Avantgarde on Habarzel Street is offering a range of dishes to choose from including eggplant rolls in pesto or beef carpaccio as starters. From there you should move on to a main – chicken livers in marsala sauce on a bed of mashed potatoes or a beef filet skewer and beef chorizos.

Continue your tasting tour in the direction of bustling Rothschild Avenue where nostalgic happenings will reminisce about the good old days of Tel Aviv. On Rothschild, sit and enjoy a top quality freshly brewed beer at Brewhouse where you’ll have a bit of trouble choosing between the Brewhouse sausages and the beer-battered schnitzel.

Did you think the night would end here? See what’s waiting for you at Bar Giora: A full menu including an alcoholic beverage of your choice – Bacardi Angel, a glass of champagne or Sparkling Gin. Pool lovers can enjoy the professional pool tables until the sun comes up.

If exploring the ancient alleys of Jaffa is more your style, we recommend checking out some other restaurants participating in the festival: Poyke, Black Out, Abu Nasser, Hinawi, and Café Rosette.

Sushi and Asian food lovers can start out at Kyoto Salsa on Montefiore, then head to Sushi To Go on Sheinkin or Ming Ling on Wiezman and finally finish up at Dim Sum on Allenby at the corner of Rothschild.

And one more recommendation: There’s nothing like ending such a wonderful and indulgent week with a chocolate martini or chocolate pizza at Max Brenner on Rothschild.

All the restaurants, all the celebrations, all the tastes, all week long. The following restaurants are participating in the festival:
Kimmel, Dita, Kyoto, Poke, Dim Sum, Brewhouse, Avantgarde, Bar Giora, River Tel Aviv, Alternative, Betty Ford, Locus, Lemon Grass, Ming Ling, Bologna, Hinawi, Ameli Resto Bar, Black Out, Rosette, Max Brenner, Badolina, Frida Kahlo, Benyamin, Sub Kooch Milga, Mike’s Place, Sushi To Go, Mifgash HaSteak, Chez Romy and many, many more…

All finished eating and drinking? The time has come celebrate – May 27th! Come check out the range of attractions that await you on Layla Lavan
Along Rothschild Boulevard and Bialik Street around 50 Bauhaus buildings are illuminated; scenes from Twelfth Night by the Gesher Theatre, a musical salute to past Tel Aviv theatres by Habima Theatre, an evening of sing-along with Saraleh Sharon, a sunrise performance with Yehudit Ravitz, a nighttime beach party at Alma Beach, the Champion’s League Finals on Banana Beach, the Wine Festivals finale – a selection of Israeli wineries will raise a glass to old Tel Aviv, and period costumes from old Tel Aviv.

Events all along Rothschild Avenue will take place from 21:00 – 01:00. Period costumes, little Tel Aviv, a display of antique cars, a stage for old-fashioned dancing, a tango band and dancers.

Nachalat Binyamin
Tour – The buildings of Nachalat Binyamin at 19:00.

Shuk HaPishpeshim (Jaffa Flea Market)
Shuk HaPishpeshim will be open late into the late, welcoming visitors to wander the market’s picturesque and magical alleys amongst a selection of shops, galleries, cafés and restaurants.

And of course, many more events and tours all over Tel Aviv.