Tel Aviv Centennial Year

The Centennial Year will launch in April with a series of events, ceremonies and festivities. Save the dates!

April 1-2: Centennial Conference
An international conference, dedicated to urban innovation and sustainability will open the Centennial Events at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center. Keynote speakers, academics, political leaders, leading journalists, architects and designers will try to envision Tel Aviv in the next 100 years. A special exhibition of architectural students from some of the worlds leading universities will present a futuristic image of Israel's most vibrant urban center.

April 3: City-wide Celebration
No birthday is complete without singing and cake-eating. 30 junctions and parks throughout the city will host actors and artists in a street-wide festival. Festivities begin at 13:00.

April 3: Festive Shabbat Prayer
The Great Synagogue, built in 1925, will host a festive Shabbat prayer for the continuing success and prosperity of the first Hebrew city. Chief Rabbi Israel Meir Lau will lead the prayer, together with Cantor Moshe Adler and a choral conducted by Menashe Lev Ran. Prayer begins at 8:00 am.

April 4: Festive Opening Concert
A once-in-a-lifetime experience in Rabin Square will team the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Zubin Mheta, and leading Israeli singers in a tribute to favorite Tel Aviv songs. Using advanced multimedia, lights and sound effects, the concert will provide an engaging and exciting experience never before seen in Israel. All are welcome! The concert begins at 21:00.

April 24: International Marathon
A 42-kilometer marathon will pass through the city's main boulevards and streets, reviving a municipal tradition that was last celebrated 15 years ago. Prepare your running shoes!

April 28: Independence Day
Independence Day celebrations in Rabin Square will be even bigger and greater this year, with leading Israeli artists performing in tribute to the city's Centennial celebrations.