Meet the Parents

"We both agreed that it wouldn't be polite to call up and inquire as to the particular dishes being prepared…so, after brainstorming for a couple of minutes, the perfect wine for the occasion came to me: Galil Mountain, Yiron, 2004!" Once again, Yonatan Sternberg saves the day with his superb recommendation of a blended red.

A couple of days ago, hard at work, I suddenly noticed my cell phone vibrating. A good friend of mine was on the other end and to be honest, he sounded quite anxious. 'What’s wrong?' 'Nothing,' he replied, 'it’s just that I am invited for Friday night dinner at my girlfriend’s parent's house, and I really want to make a good impression.' 'Well, what can I do for you?', as if I didn't already know…

To make a long story short, he wanted to know which bottle of wine to bring for dinner. He was looking for a bottle that isn’t too expensive yet not too cheap, a wine which shows sophistication yet is still approachable, basically he was looking for a wine which offers balance and most importantly a wine which will impress his future father in law.

After calming down and getting over his anxiety, we both agreed that it probably would not be polite to call up his girlfriend’s mother and inquire as to the particular dishes she planned on preparing.

After brainstorming for a couple of minutes, it came to me; I had the perfect wine for the occasion.

Galil Mountain, Yiron, 2004
This blended red is named after Kibutz Yiron, which is also home to the Galil Mountain winery. Dark purple in color, the wine is showing appealing aromas and flavors of various berry fruits, particularly black cherries, plums and hints of pepper and wood in the background all leading to a long and pleasant finish.

Luckily , all went according to plan with the girlfriend's parents, so I might want to get a head start on preparing the wine list for the wedding….