Gifts for Rosh Hashanah

Gifts are not just fun to receive, but also to give. They're nice, they're considerate, they please your host happy, and if they can put a smile on your cranky old aunt's face – all the better. In honour of Rosh Hashanah, we have rounded up the best gourmet gifts in the country: wine and chocolate of course!

Wine and Alcohol

In honour of the holiday, Tzora Wines is offering specially wrapped single bottles, pairs and six packs. The single bottles on offer include: Hari Yehuda 2004 (NIS 52), Neve Ilan 2005 (NIS 72), and Shoresh 2005 (NIS 84). The double bottle pack includes: Hari Yehuda 2004 and Neve Ilan 2005 (NIS 120), as well as Neve Ilan 2005 and Shoresh 2005 (NIS 152). Six bottle packs include: three bottles of Hari Yehuda 2004 and three bottles of Neve Ilan 2005 (NIS 330), three bottles of Neve Ilan 2005 and three bottles of Shoresh 2005 (NIS 405), two bottles of Hari Yehuda 2004 two bottles of Neve Ilan 2005, and two bottles of Shoresh 2005 (NIS 365). This is a special offer for companies only. Prices do not include VAT.

Tzora Wines
Kibbutz Tzora

Recanati Winery is releasing a few new wines in honour of the holiday: the winery's flagship wine, Recanati Special Reserve 2005, a harmonious, full bodied and rich wine (NIS 197); Recanati Chardonnay 2007 (NIS 59) and Recanati Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2007 – Ben Zmara Vineyard (NIS 69). All three wines, as well as additional ones, are available for the entire Jewish month of Teishrei, in sophisticated and elegant packages for single bottles or a pair. Prices range from NIS 60 for a single bottle, up to NIS 170 for a pair from the reserve series. Recanati's special packaging, including lovely wood boxes for single bottles with the winery's flagship wine - Recanati Special Reserve 2004 inside, is available for NIS 189. A beautifully and elegantly gift wrapped box, including Recanati's Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2007, and Recanati Merlot 2007, costs NIS 130.

Recanati Winery Ltd.
POB 12050, Emek Hefer Industrial Zone.

And for those who want to spice up their holiday meal with alternative spirits, you are welcome to try one of Cosa Nera's special Rosh Hashanah packages. Cosa Nera is a premium Italian digestif brand, with a 21% alcohol content, and sweet licorice flavour. The liqueur is a delicate combination of plants, roots and various fruits, resulting in an aromatic and flavourful drink. This Rosh Hashanah, the liqueur is available in a gift package with 2 high quality glasses, upon which is a genuine cocktail menu for cocktails made with Cosa Nera. The retail price of the Cosa Nera gift package with 6 glasses is NIS 270. The retail price of the Cosa Nera gift package with 1 glass is NIS 170. The liqueur can be purchased at fine alcohol shops.


Boutique chocolate chain Roy has created a selection of special chocolate for the holiday: honey cake covered in milk, white or dark chocolate (NIS 29-45), apple shaped boxes of chocolate (NIS 19 and up), and honeycomb made from white, milk or dark chocolate with honey and roasted almonds (NIS 29-31). In addition, Roy Chocolate is offering honey liqueur in specially designed bottles, which joins the group of other Roy liqueurs including chocolate, cappuccino and almond (NIS 39-129), and a range of gift wrappings, including a special gift box for pralines which opens to become a serving tray (NIS 112-159). All products are kosher according to the Petach Tikva Rabbinate (dairy and parve). In accordance with their tradition of giving back to the community, the chain will donate 5% of all profits to the Israeli Society for Autistic Children.

Roy Chocolate
Main Location: 15 Yad Harutzim, Tel Aviv.

Chocolate Boutique Trinidad is offering a range of pralines special for the holiday (NIS 6 per praline), including: a milk and honey praline, a lemon and honey praline, and a rum and honey liqueur praline. In addition, Trinidad is also offering a bottle of honey liqueur (NIS 40), honeycomb (NIS 45), and a range of special gift boxes for the holiday, with prices starting at NIS 100.

90 Ibvn Gvirol, Tel Aviv.

In honour of the holiday, Choca has created festive flavours including: a honey cinnamon praline, an apple praline, and a honey and marzipan truffle, for NIS 5 each. They have also created a special holiday gift box in the shape of a beehive for NIS 50, a white or milk chocolate greeting card – NIS 15, and a range of gift packages, available in apple shaped baskets or other shapes, in a range of prices from NIS 60 to NIS 500. In addition, you can create your own plant out of edible chocolate flowers and ornamental flowers. Each flower is NIS 6.

10 Derech Magdiel, Hod Hasharon.