Last Minute Whites

"While cooking Shabbat dinner last week, I suddenly realized that I was completely out of wine…luckily my neighbor had a couple recent white wine purchases on hand… and I was excited to hear that one of them was from the Pelter winery." Yonatan Sternberg's neighbor saves dinner with a couple 2007 selections from Pelter and Ramat HaGolan.

While cooking Shabbat dinner last week, I suddenly realized that I was completely out of wine. With the guests arriving in two hours, and all the stores already closed, I didn’t have many options. Frantic, I called my neighbor to see if he might have a bottle or two to spare.

I was in luck, although I wasn’t able to get my hands on a decent bottle of red (which would have been my first choice), my neighbor suggested that I try a couple of his recent white wine purchases.

I was also very excited to hear that one of these wines was from the Pelter winery, which in my opinion produces some of the finest white wines in the country, my favorite being the Pelter un-wooded Chardonnay.

Now that the wine debacle was taken care off, I was able to get back to my cooking. With 30 minutes left until the guests were due, and the table set, I decided to put my time to good productive use sampling the wines and taking notes for this week’s article. Or, to be perfectly honest, after all that hard work and the running around, I just needed an excuse to sit back and enjoy a glass of wine.

Tasting notes:
Pelter, Sauvignon Blanc, 2007
Clear straw with slight golden reflections, this un-oaked white is showing lovely aromas of green apples, yellow grapefruit and a touch of citrus. This Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing, well balanced and was an excellent way to start off the meal.

Food pairing:
Try pairing this white with fragrant salads such as a Caesar or Greek salad or with grilled fish dishes.

Ramat Hagolan, Yarden, Gewurztraminer, 2007
Light golden in color, gives off lovely aromas of white flowers and tropical fruits particularly lychees. In my opinion, the wine comes on a bit too sweet at first taste but does then offer a pleasant lingering finish.

Food pairing:
The wine can be served as an aperitif or with the meal and should go well with classic Asian and Indian dishes.

Tip of the week: “Wine & beer Workshops in Jerusalem”
Recently opened in downtown Jerusalem, the owners of the Mia Bar took it upon themselves to promote a wine and alcohol culture in the city. Aside from the impressive beverage selection, Mia also hosts workshops on various topics. In the beginning of September Mia invited Jessie Bodec, one of the top sommeliers in Israel to shed some light on the world of wine tasting and production methods.

Mia Bar
18 HillelSt., Jerusalem
Tel: 02-625-9491