Masik - Welcome Home Chef Mizrahi

“Hors d'Oeuvres included a dish of seared tuna, placed gracefully on an eggplant marinated with Asian spices; … sweet potato gnocchi, perfectly textured and saut?ed with a generous portion of shrimp and Coquille St. Jacques…” Yonatan Sternberg applauds Chef Eli Mizrahi’s imagination and vision after dining at Masik, a Chef restaurant in Kfar Ruth

I was very excited to hear that Chef Eli Mizrahi has retuned to Kfar Ruth in order to open his restaurant, “Masik”.

Chef Mizrahi wanted to fill the void which was created in the Modi’in area after the closing of “Catit”, in which Eli was a partner chef. Eli and his wife Tami left nothing to chance. The new restaurant, with its beautiful decor, impressive lighting, attention to detail and friendly staff is essentially the realization of Mizrahi’s dream of owning his own place and running his own kitchen.

When speaking to Eli about his cooking philosophy he indicated that he insists on using fresh local ingredients while never compromising on quality. “Masik” offers a new experience in Israeli cuisine – one which combines the various ethnic flavors and cooking methods. When reviewing the menu it is evident that Chef Mizrachi is also influenced by classic French and Asian cuisine with a concentrated yet eclectic and diverse line of dishes. And just to make things interesting Eli offers a seasonal menu. So aside from several fixed dishes, he changes the menu every few months.

After making a left at the Shilat juncture, and heading towards Modi’in Eilit, we then Took a right into Kfar Ruth. Immediately after passing the “Tzomhim” plant nursery we turned left and a minute later we were there.

Barak, the friendly waiter greeted us with a smile and escorted us to our table. A platter of warm and crispy house bread was served alongside a piquant aioli and olive spread with a touch of balsamic vinegar.

We started off with an assortment of Hors d'Oeuvres. These included a dish of seared Tuna which was placed gracefully on an Eggplant marinated with Asian spices, Ravioli Filled with Beef Stew and Inner Organs which offered rich and concentrated flavors. My partner decided to order the sweet potato gnocchi which were of perfect texture and were saut?ed with a generous portion of shrimp and Coquille St. Jacques.

Another appetizer that we enjoyed immensely was Eli’s “fish brik”, cubes of codfish, seasoned gently and then wrapped in a thin crispy coating with a dash of lemony tahini. At first glance this dish reminded us of the classic potato pastels which are often served at catering halls, but after taking one bite; we smiled and wished that all of the pastels were of this quality.

Eli puts an emphasis on supporting local producers; hence Masik’s wine list offers a selection of Israeli wines. For some odd reason the restaurant is quite fond of the Binyamina winery (which accounts for a large part of their wine menu), but Eli assured me that he is working on “Masik’s” own Vino de la Casa which will be sold exclusively at the restaurant.

It was time to move on to our entrees, at first I was a little turned off when I saw the Breast of Duck in an Asian Marinade, served over roasted vegetables and a coffee & chocolate Sauce. But I found the combination very interesting and I just couldn’t put down my fork. We also ordered the spotted locus fillet over a leek, asparagus, and mushroom lasagna which, topped with a rich white butter sauce. The fish was moist and tasty and another important factor is that the portions were quite generous.

Desert can really make a difference between a good meal and a great one. Mizrachi’s ice cream sandwiches are served alongside a warm decadent chocolate sauce, and were rich and delicious. Another desert that we enjoyed was a dish that was assembled with kadai’f (angel hair) and a crunchy tuile resting in a pool of an elegant pistachio cream.

All that is left to say is: Welcome home Chef Mizrachi.

Industrial area, Kfar Ruth
Phone: 08-9286671
Fax: 08-9717349