Mika - There's no one like you!

Lets start from the end. As we stepped out of "mika's", wondering how we wasted eight years of our life not dining this excellent restaurant which felt like it was made just for us.

"eight years this restaurant exists and only today we ate there. what a waste" we muttered as we walked to the
nearest parking lot.

And why it was made just for us? well,it has the ingredients that we love,
for most it designed of a beautiful new york restaurant(which is our
favorite city). Secondly,the food is influenced and quite dominated by
Japanese style,(and Japanese food is one of our favorite).besides,pleasant
efficient service good background music excellent food,(as will be detailed
late),and this unexplained object that makes the little details into a whole,
and "mika" to the best restaurant in the country.

So,what did we eat? to warm up our drinking tubes,we had some frozen margaritas,
accompanied by hot soya beans garnished with rock salt on top,and that we
have as we examine the space and design of the restaurant and the feeling of
Manhattan in the heart of tel aviv.

For starters we had three courses amazing portion of grilled tuna with sUman
noodles and thin stripes of avocado,a portion of steamed aubergines in soya
sauce and blue cheese and a refreshing arogola leafs salad with mushrooms
and pieces of goat cheese in tempura.
As you can see, there could not have been a better start.
Just as we thought that it can not get better this the main courses have
Osobucu lamb in a five herb sauce laid on a bed of potato pure'e and fresh
asparagus where the meat of the lamb,just left the bone and the richness of
the flavors was a spin.
The second portion was locus with shrimps,scallop
and stir fried wild mushrooms and buk Choy(kind of steame spinach)
to dye for!!
To desert we arrived defeated so we shared a portion passion fruit,tart
glazed with burnt sugar and accompanied with a ball of mango sorbet and all
that,floating in forest fruit sauce. an excellent portion and with two
espresso cups we ended one of the most exquisite meal we had in the past
A meal like this costs up to 400 shekels including drinks(not including the
tip to the kind and efficient waitress) but the variety on the
menu,starting with a big and vary sushi menu and ending in summer menus
costing 78 sheqels per person with a selection of starters and main courses.
the usual menu includes starters in the range of 36-46 shekels and main
course ranging between 73 shekels to 115 shekels
in light of the quality of the products what we got and there is no doubt is
the value for money.
Highly recommended.
27,montIfiori Tel-aviv