Booze, Monkeys, and Rock ‘n’ Roll

“Out of the 18 types of beer offered to us, we eventually chose Stella Artois and English bitter Ale. The beers were served English-style at room temperature, and were tasty and quenching…” Tamar Eitan found the Three Monkeys Pub in Eilat to be an experience of flavor, sight, and sound.

We were walking along the Royal Beach promenade in Eilat, looking for a happy place in which to celebrate a birthday. A large statue of three monkeys caught our eyes: one covering his eyes, the second his ears, and the third his mouth. We got the hint – inside we can expect an experience for multiple senses. And so it was: Three Monkeys pub supplied us with copious assaults on the senses – taste, hearing, and sight.

We entered the alcohol temple of Eilat. The pub was spacious and wide, styled after a typical American bar, and covered in wood. The walls adorned with various collectibles: miniatures, records, vases, and small photographs. The eyes never tire of looking at the walls. Every night at 11pm, the pub hosts live shows, and there is an option to sire outside and enjoy the pleasant breeze and watch the bands on a large screens. Every night, between 9pmand 10pm, the pub has a happy hour, and puts forth a ‘buy one, get one free’ policy on a selection of local beers, the Three Monkeys Cocktail, and the house wine.

We sat down and perused the diverse alcohol menu, which includes, among other things, American and English whiskies, Scotch, Remy Martin XO Cognac, and the highlight – Dom P?rignon champagne, for special events. We had a tough time making a choice and so we listened to the advice of the waitress: A Three-Monkeys Cocktail for the birthday boy, and a passion-fruit margarita for myself. The drinks were served in generous proportions and were prepared carefully.

We moved on to the first courses – chorizo sausages, crispy and spicy as they are meant to be, and the Three Monkeys sandwich, which was a Ciabatta with chunks of grilled chicken breast, roasted eggplant, and tomatoes in a mayonnaise-garlic dressing. Both dishes were delicious, filling, and good choices to go with our drinks.

In the meantime, the house band – a South American group, which plays contemporary songs, MTV music, and dance music – went up on stage. The happy bunch seated close to us, by now clearly influenced by the endless alcohol they drank, started shaking like mad on the dance floor. While the band rocked the room, the bar staff wowed the patrons with a show of their own, as bottles were hurled up in the air. The waiting staff, all in shirts with the three monkeys drawn on them, managed to move in a virtuoso fashion through the crows, each one holding a tray high up and above the many bopping heads.

Things started to cook, and we needed an urgent second helping of alcohol. This time we opted for beer, and once again found it hard to choose, this time from among the 18 types of beer offered to us. We eventually chose Stella Artois and English bitter Ale. The beers were served English-style at room temperature, and were tasty and quenching. With the beer came the appetite and we decided, in spite of the late hour, to try the chili con carne – a meat and bean concoction of mild spiciness, and served with nachos and pita bread. We also had the house burger – a grilled beef patty on a bun with various vegetables and sauces. This burger is recommended: a winning combination of meat grilled to perfection and a slightly toasted bun - the best companion to a glass of beer.

For dessert we chose a warm chocolate cake, served with vanilla ice cream and amazing chocolate syrup. Needless to say, more alcohol was needed to help the dessert go down. We went for the house vodka, served in generous 60cc portions, as opposed to the usual 40cc.

When it was all over, and since drinking and driving don’t mix, we were left with no choice but to walk off and continue the birthday celebrations more privately. It’s a good thing the pub is located in the most hotel-dense area in the country…

Three Monkeys Pub
Royal Beach, Eilat