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Kitchen Type: Bakery / Pastry-Shop, Bistro, Breakfast, Coffee Shop, Fish, Pizza, Seafood
nissim aloni 10 , Tel Aviv Show Map
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Daniel Bar-David - על מסעדת בראון 17/07/2013

Once we sat at the table, we were completely ignored until we summoned service, which thereafter was as slow as molasses. The restaurant itself suffers from bad acoustics and is therefore extremly noisy.
First course was nice. Main course (breast of chicken) was as dry as the Negev.
At some point the computer broke down, but the thought of preparing a manual bill never entered anyone's mind. We were asked to pay in cash because of the 'computer' being down. Made me wonder how were payments made by credit card in the days preceding the computer era. Why is there no such procedure for emergencies ?
Despite being neighbours, we shall not be returning to this mediocre restaurant.
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