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Reviews about Chebis Restaurant


Kitchen Type: Chef Restaurant, Greek, Meat
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Limor - על מסעדת אצל צ'בי 18/09/2011

It's a wonderful culinary experience. On a winter day the fire was burning in the fireplace, and we had a 4 course meal in a private room. Chebi and Adi managed everything wonderfully, this is worth any dime.
אוכל: 5 שירות: 5 אווירה: 5 עיצוב: 5
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הוסף ביקורת על אצל צ'בי

Nitzi - על מסעדת אצל צ'בי 22/05/2011

I was really impressed by this special family restaurant. The Greek menu is good and the people are nice. Chevi and sons, thanks for a wonderful experience.
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