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Kitchen Type: Birthday Event, Events, Fish, gluten free, Italian, Meat, romantic, Take Away
Hanasi 75 , Herzliya Pituah Show Map
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Yoram Yagil - על מסעדת טאבולה 13/12/2012

We ordered multiple dishes as takeout in preparation for a family event at our residence. We called the restaurant on 3 occasions to ensure that the order would go through without any hinge. Unfortunately, we spoke on the phone with 3 separate people who took our order, and they did not seem to know od one another. The third person we spoke to was particularly unfriendly. When we came to pick up our order, everything seemed fine. When we got home, we realized that the restaurant had forgottten to include two dishes that we ordered. Consequently, we did not have enough food for our guests, and the situation was very uncomfortable. When I called the restaurant to enquire where the missing dishes were, I was answered by a very unfriendly person who not only did not apologize or offer a solution but became very obnoxious.

My conclusions are as follows:
1. your takeout service is not functioning properly and is unreliable
2. Your employee (whose name starts with an L.) has no place in public service and gives you a very bad name.
3. Untill this matter is resolved, I will strongly recommend to my piers not to use your takeout service.

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