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Kitchen Type: Chef Restaurant, Events, French, Gourmet, Highly Recommended, Mediterranean, Restaurant- Bar, romantic
Dereh menahem begin 132 , Tel Aviv Show Map
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daniel shapira - על מסעדת טו סי 02/12/2015

A shocking experience!
We reached my father's birthday, the waitress was nice and the view was beautiful.
As a regular patron in the past I have recommended to my family, but the disappointment was great, different menu, smaller dish and prices rose by 30%
betwin five diners only one person did not replace the dish, Stack came to my hard as a sole without flavor (my guess was his aging takes too short) at the dish were served "vegetables" came in the form of 2 pingpong sized potatos and a whole onion in the size of the steak!
Responsible shift snobby blonde blame us that personal identities tasted problem! Guess what my grandmother was sitting at the table was a cook of most prime ministers, presidents, defense ministers ambassadors and generals she was quite famous in the past ...
PS - Maybe this is not the place to talk about price but should be quite impertinent to ask for 90 shekels for a vegetarian pasta!
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